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YWAM Publishing has several book series that are wonderful resources for homsechool families. Their Heroes of History series can be a supplement to your history curriculum or serve as a U.S. History curriculum all on its own! We were excited to get the opportunity to review Heroes Of History – Harriet Tubman.

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This biography of Harriet Tubman is written in an engaging narrative format that keeps the reader interested. The reading is simple enough for an elementary student (my 2nd grader can read and understand it) but engaging enough for a much older student. The book, obviously, deals with difficult issues but presents them in a way that isn’t overly traumatizing to children while also not minimizing them.

Study guides are available for many of the Heroes of History and Christian Heroes: Then and Now books, including Harriet Tubman. The study guide contains a wide variety of activities to expand on the reading including comprehension questions, vocabulary, creative writing, essay writing, geography, social studies and more. With the study guide, you also get introduction guides for using it with small groups, in the classroom, or in your homeschool that contain detailed instructions and suggestions for getting the most out of the unit study. The study guides make it possible to create an extensive unit study around each book or use the books as your main history curriculum. They are completely flexible and you can easily pick and chose which activities work best for your family.

Heroes of History true biographies for children from YWAM Publishing, Harriet Tubman

My sixth grader, second grader, and I all read this book. We all enjoyed it and appreciated getting to learn more about the bravery and dedication of this amazing woman. I will probably use it, as well as other Heroes of History titles, as family read alouds in the future. We used the study guide minimally due to time constraints. I simply used the comprehension questions for family discussion. This worked really well without putting too much pressure on my younger student and had the added benefit of the children who didn’t read the book hearing about parts of it. I love that there are so many other activity and expansion ideas included in the study guide and will use those in future studies when I can plan for adequate time for them.

We have previously read several books from the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series and really enjoyed those as well. You can see reviews from that series by clicking the graphic at the bottom of this post. We have also enjoyed the Early Readers for younger children which are available for some of the Bible Heroes and Heroes of History figures. I highly recommend any YWAM Publishing product.

Heroes of History true biographies for children from YWAM Publishing, Harriet Tubman

My younger children will be studying U.S. History starting in the fall. I plan to use many of the books from the Heroes of History series as well as parts of their companion study guides and possibly the audiobooks as a compliment to our regular studies. I think these will provide a fun way for the kids to become familiar with the history of our country.

I have discovered that there is a book club available through YWAM publishing where you pick how many books you would like to receive a month and from which series and they send the books in the order they were published. You can also choose to get the audio books. With this program, the books and audios are deeply discounted. I am looking into doing this for my family. I think it will be a fun way for my kids to receive these books that we can then incorporate into our curriculum.

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This is a Review Crew review. Click the graphic below to see other reviews on a variety of YWAM Publishing titles from both the Christian Heroes: Then and Now and Heroes of History series! 


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