What exactly does “crunch” mean?

I use the term “crunchy” for myself on a regular basis. Let me try to define that a bit for you. Be aware my definition is how I believe the word fits me, others may use it in slightly different ways.

Crunchy: Closely related to the term “granola.” Someone who attempts to live life in as “naturally” as possible. Since I am a “crunchy” Christian I attempt to live in a way that is as close as possible, within our fallen state, to how God originally designed us and the world in which we live.

Some of the “crunchy” things I do:

  • Eat whole foods from organic, natural, local, and/or sustainable sources
  • Choose animal products from animals raised in the most natural and healthy ways
  • Use cloth diapers
  • Breastfeed
  • Natural birth
  • Use reusable items instead of disposable like reusable zipper bags, mason jars and cloth napkins.
  • Recycle (or repurpose or upcycle)
  • DIY (everything from vanilla extract to dishwasher powder)
  • Use natural treatments for illnesses, ailments, scrapes etc when possible


While I believe this natural lifestyle is good and healthy for myself, my family and the environment I have to be very careful not to make it an idol. We still must exist within the place, time, and culture we find ourselves in and that sometimes (often) makes a totally crunchy lifestyle impossible.

Embrace where you are, do your best, and give yourself lots of grace!

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