I’m so sorry for disappearing on you!

It has been a crazy month!!

I had to go home do to a family emergency. Traveling overseas and back with 4 kids is no small task!!

I have spent the last couple weeks trying to get over jet lag, get the kids back on some sort of routine, and catch up on all the things I missed when I had to suddenly leave all my commitments for over two weeks!!

I will be back on track and back on a normal posting schedule soon!

Here is what you can look forward to:

Our adventures flying Space-A (space available travel available to members of the military and their families) and tips for people considering it.

Video crochet tutorials

Thoughts on time, schedules, commitments and how much is too much

I will also be getting back on track with “Give Back Wednesdays” hopefully in the next couple weeks

and more!

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