Three REAL Work-at-Home Opportunities!

Stay-at-home moms are often looking for ways to bring a little extra cash in for their family or for spending money without needing to hire a sitter or sacrifice time with their family. I have been in that place and have found it is often frustrating to find a legitimate opportunity that makes enough to be worth the time spent on it.

I’ve seen lots and lots of blog posts and articles with suggestions on work at home opportunities, I’ve tried quite a few but have found that most just end up taking a lot of time and making a few dollars at best. Recently, I’ve found three different work from home opportunities that are actual jobs. With each, you are considered an independent contractor but you don’t have to sell anything and can work on your own schedule. I have personally done all three and received checks from each of them. (Disclosure: Some of these give a bonus if I refer someone who is subsequently hired.)

The three opportunities are:

  1. Transcription and/or Captioning with Rev.
  2. Teaching ESL with VIPKID (this one requires the Bachelors and experience working with children)
  3. Local Coordinator for an exchange student placing agency.


Three opportunities you can really make money from home - NO MLM, NO sales, real income


Here are the details:

Transcribing/Captioning with Rev

This is a great program to work for if you have decent typing speed and accuracy. You will transcribe audios and videos or caption videos using their transcription/captioning tools. You are not required to have your own equipment or software. Although, if you decide to do this you may eventually want a foot pedal and/or headphones just to make the job easier. The pay depends on your typing speed and other factors but can easily be around $10/hour. You can log in and pick up jobs whenever you have time to do them.

To apply click the link above and choose “captioner” or “transcription.” (There is also an option for translator but that has extra qualification requirements.) You will then be taken to the online application. They are not always taking applications for both positions but if they are I would suggest applying to both to increase your pool of available work.

During the application process, you will take a short test, for captioning they will send you a second test if you pass the first. It takes about a week or so to hear if you got hired then you can start working. You start out on a probationary status until you have transcribed or captioned a certain number of minutes. You will get a raise once you pass the probationary period. They pay via PayPal every Monday!

Teach ESL with VIPKID:


Work at home with VIPKID, teach English online to kids in China!


I am super excited about this one! You do need a bachelor’s degree and experience with kids for this one. You apply then set up an interview where you do a trial class, sort of like an audition. Once you pass that you do a more in-depth mock class before you are officially on board and ready to start (this is the training).  Base pay is $14-22/hour, plus there are additional bonuses and incentives. You set your schedule and classes are in 30-minute blocks. The main times are in the mornings (evenings in Beijing) but you can also work evening and/or overnight hours. It is all online through VIPKID’s teaching platform with one student at a time. The kids are really amazing and teaching is a lot of fun! You will need to own a headphone or earbuds (I suggest a good headset with a noise-canceling microphone).

The application and interview process can be a bit intimidating but I am happy to help you through it if you decide to apply! Simply click the link above to begin the application. I will then email you to see if you have any questions. This has been an amazing opportunity and blessing to my family.

Local Coordinator for exchange students:

There are several different exchange student organizations, I work for STS Foundation. I am responsible for recruiting and screening host families in my area and helping them select a student. This is a great time to apply so that you can get hired and do training and be ready to hit the ground running in January and February when applications for next school year start coming in! Late spring/early summer is the busiest time. You get paid when you place a student and every month that the student is in the US. This one is not 100% at home as you do a home visit and interview with the family and then an orientation with all your families and another with all the students when they arrive. You call the family, student, and counselor each month to make sure things are going well and are available to assist with any issues that arise. It is also a good idea to plan occasional activities for all of your students and families but your own family can be included in these as well. There are other incentives if you place certain numbers of students.

This is a great opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people from all over the world and gain some amazing experiences, not to mention get paid for it! If you want more information on becoming a local coordinator for your area I would be happy to help you get connected with the director for your area, just leave a comment or drop me an email!

Three opportunities you can really make money from home

I’m hoping my experience can be helpful to others who want or need to bring in some extra money while still being home with their kids. I do all of these around homemaking, homeschooling, and all of my other responsibilities. They are quite flexible and actually pay. Please let me know if I can help you get started in any way!


  1. Thanks a lot for the work from home opportunity information. I will like to know more about being a Local Coordinator for the exchange students. Jacksonville Florida. Pastor Marcia Thorne.

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