The Day Before Thanksgiving….Let’s Talk About Christmas!

I have several previous posts about our Christmas traditions so I thought I would round them all up in one place for you, plus share a little more about our plans for this year!

We were very happy to get to kick off the holiday season with Operation Christmas Child this year! We have missed being able to volunteer at our local Drop Offs the last three years. This year not only did we volunteer, we visited all 10 Drop Offs in our area!

You can check out the following posts to learn many of the ways my family celebrates Christmas:

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions Video and My Favorite Gifts to Make

patterns courtesy of

I haven’t quite completed my Christmas shopping yet. I am usually done by now but plan to finish up in the next week or so.


We don’t do traditional “Christmas food” on Christmas but we do have my favorite stuffing on Thanksgiving along with this delicious Duck. These could easily make a wonderful Christmas feast as well. We generally do enchiladas on Christmas Eve and two years ago we started the tradition of having Swedish meatballs (recipe coming soon) on Christmas. This year we are having lutefisk, another traditional Swedish dish with my parents a couple days before Christmas when we celebrate with them.

Our Advent Calendar Activities: Some of the posts above mention our Advent activities. This post includes instructions to download my Advent calendar from 2015. I haven’t finalized my calendar for this year yet but it will include the following activities:

  • Holiday Ball (for hubby and I, the kids will get time with grandma!)
  • Kids performing in the Christmas Choir
  • Bake and decorate cookies
  • Bake and decorate gingerbread houses
  • Share cookies with the mail carrier, sanitation worker, neighbors etc.
  • Saint Nicolas Day
  • Christmas movies on Sundays (Pure Flix is offering a free Christmas movie every Sunday from now through Christmas, no subscription required!)
  • Star Wars movie
  • Pre- Christmas at Grandma’s

I will sprinkle some of the random acts of kindness from my previous calendar among these activities.

That pretty much sums up our Christmas Traditions. I plan to spend December doing a lot of planning and organizing this year as well so I can start strong in January! 


What are your favorite Christmas Traditions? Let me know in the comments! 

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