Technology Hates Me

I’m a little behind on writing right now. My technology has been conspiring against me this week!

Sunday I discovered that my external hard drive where I have been backing up everything for the last two years had failed. On this hard drive I had pretty much every picture of my kids I’ve ever taken. While some of them are saved in various other places and the last year’s worth or so were on my computer I thought I had lost about 5 years worth of pictures including my girls’ baby pictures!

I was devastated and lost sleep. Monday I dug through everything I had and found some USB drives. THANK GOODNESS all the pictures I thought I lost were on these drives!!

The lesson here:


Since I’ve switched to an Apple computer I will be using the cloud to store my files and I will be storing pictures on my Amazon photo cloud (free unlimited picture storage with prime membership). I’ve heard good things from photographers about the Amazon cloud storage so I think it will be good enough for me.


I will also be archiving my pictures on DVDs and sending them to family for safe keeping. That way even if the cloud crashes and I don’t have them on my computer SOMEONE will have them. I will burn a DVD for myself and probably one for my grandmother and my mom (since they both asked).


I may have lost some files on the drive as well but nothing is as important as the pictures. I’m just so thankful I found a backup I didn’t even know I had!

I have some great posts planned and coming soon- some holiday recipes as well as more details about our Christmas traditions- but bear with me while I finish cleaning up my digital life!


If you need some help planning Advent calendar activities you can still get my activity plan by entering your email in the form in the sidebar. You will need to confirm your email and will then get sent to a page to download the plan. Some of it will need to be adjusted to your family but it should give you a good start!