Must Have Book for Moms: Lies Moms Believe (and How the Gospel Refutes Them) {Review}

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a fellow mom blogger looking for people to review her new soon-to-be-released book. I love books and I enjoy writing reviews so I offered. Little did I know that this book was exactly what I needed at exactly this time. But, of course, God knew. I have no doubt His hand was all over me seeing the post on Facebook asking for reviewers.

The ebook version of the brand new book Lies Moms Believe (and How the Gospel Refutes Them) released today! I feel very strongly that every mom, and anyone who is thinking of becoming a mom, needs to read this book. I can pretty much guarantee you will find at least a few lies you have been believing about yourself and motherhood in this book. The freedom and peace that comes from seeing these lies crumble in the face of scripture are simply amazing.

Lies Moms Believe and how the Gospel refutes them book review Biblical encouragement for moms

The book contains 32 chapters each addressing a single lie. The lies are grouped into five categories. Each lie stands alone so you wouldn’t necessarily need to read them all in order. If there is a specific area of your life where you are struggling you can find a lie pertaining to that area and just read that chapter. The chapters are pretty short, around two to five pages. I read the book pretty quickly both because I wanted to get this review up on release day, and because I just couldn’t get enough! I would suggest reading a lie a day, look up the verses, pray for God to reveal how the lie has been impacting your life, and let yourself mull it over for a bit.

Rebekah combats each lie with scripture. She doesn’t make wide assertions that can’t be backed up or do mental gymnastics with scripture to make it say what she wants. She goes right to the Word of God and weighs what the world tells moms against what God says about us, our kids, and parenting. Then she challenges you to go to scripture yourself and test her words. Breaking down some of these lies hurts a bit, I described it to one friend as sandpaper. It can be a bit rough as it knocks off some hard edges we have developed. But it is also encouraging and refreshing to know we don’t have to live under some of the burdens we have been carrying.

Now, I have a confession to make. I didn’t read Rebekah’s bio (which I’ll put below) before I read the book. I’m glad I didn’t because honestly, it may have created a mental block for me. I’m not proud of this fact but I’m going to be honest about it because someone out there may have the same thoughts I would have had, and I do NOT want that to prevent you from reading this book. I have five kids and my oldest is 12, Rebekah has two young children. It isn’t that I would have considered myself more of or a better mom, but I would probably have questioned what a younger mom with younger children could tell me that I don’t already know. Oh, the pride. Yep, that is a weakness of mine. I’m so thankful that didn’t happen because she definitely had some things to tell me that I am so thankful I read with an open mind! Sometimes a fresher set of eyes and a less cluttered perspective is exactly what we need.

Lies Moms Believe and how the Gospel refutes them book review Biblical encouragement for moms

I hope I have convinced you to buy this book. If you read it with an open mind and prayerful spirit I have no doubt that it will change your life, your marriage, and your parenting for the better. With 32 common struggles, you are bound to find some areas you need to work on. I’m convinced there is not a mom out there who wouldn’t benefit from this. 

The ebook is available as of today! A companion study guide and the physical book will be released March 30, 2018. I am very excited about the study guide! So excited that I have decided to host an online Bible study in April; if that is something you are interested in make sure to subscribe to my mailing list with the form in the sidebar to stay up-to-date on the details!

About Rebekah: 

Lies Moms Believe and how the Gospel refutes them book review Biblical encouragement for momsRebekah Hargraves is a wife, mama of two littles, home business owner, podcaster, and blogger residing in TN. Her passion is to bless fellow Christian women through her writings on her website, Hargraves Home and Hearth, which exists to “edify, equip, and encourage women in their journey of Biblical womanhood”. Rebekah’s first book, “Lies Moms Believe (And How the Gospel Refutes Them)”, releases in November.

You can learn more about Rebekah and follow her writing on:

Her Website – Hargraves Home and Hearth

Instagram – @rebekahhargraves

Facebook – Hargraves Home and Hearth

Twitter – @hhomeandhearth





*I received a free copy of the ebook Lies Moms Believe in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are genuinely and solely my own.*

Gospel Tracts and Child Evangelism Tools from Let The Little Children Come {Review}

Let the Little Children Come provides tools to share the gospel with children, and you can check out a selection of them in their Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack.  These are from the same company as the adorable Candy Box Tract I shared with you a few weeks ago. The Sampler contains 10 of their most popular evangelism tools so you can get a hands-on feel for their products and choose items that will work best in your ministry.

Let The Little Children Come

The Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack contains:




 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

Three animated tracts:

  • John 3:16
  • The True Story of Christmas
  • Where’s Everybody Going?

Two FlipAbouts

  • Gospel Buttons
  • John 3:16

Two Pop-up Tracts

  • The Lost Easter Egg
  • The Most Amazing House

Three Wordless Gospel Tools

  • Wordless Bracelet Kit
  • Silicone Salvation Bracelet (Medium)
  • Wordless Book



Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack child evangelism tools from Let The Little Children Come


Animated Tracts:

This set comes with three animated tracts; “John 3:16,” “The True Story of Christmas,” and “Where’s Everybody Going?” Each booklet comes with a black-striped plastic sheet. You slowly slide the sheet across each page of the booklet and the illustration appears to move. These were probably my kid’s favorite items in the pack. They just loved the moving graphics. Each booklet is also available in packs of 10.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks


The FlipAbouts are small cards folded cards that when turned and folded a specific way reveal different graphics. The Gospel Buttons FlipAbout reveals images representing parts of the salvation message. The John 3:16 FlipAbout has a short section of the verse on each image. Each FlipAbout is also available in packs of 20.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

Pop-up Tracts:

These are fun tracts set up like traditional pop-up books which make them appealing to young kids. I really like “The Lost Easter Egg” tract and the way it ties God’s love to a situation most kids can identify with. “The Most Amazing House” is a basic explanation of the plan of salvation, while it isn’t my preferred way of presenting salvation, it may work well for some. These Pop-up Tracts are each available in packs of 10.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

Wordless Gospel Tools:

These are variations on a classic method of sharing the Gospel in which colors are used to represent specific parts of the message. Included in this pack is a kit to make your own Gospel bracelet, a silicone Gospel bracelet, and a Wordless Gospel Book. Both bracelets come packaged with a sheet that explains the colors and shares the plan of salvation and a simple salvation prayer. Each of these items is also available in packs of 20. The silicone bracelet in the Sampler Pack is size medium but is available in small and large when ordered in sets of 20.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

All items except the FlipAbouts and Wordless book have the plan of salvation and a simple salvation prayer somewhere on or with the item.

Packaging and Instructions

The entire Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack came packaged in a sturdy plastic zipper pouch. Detailed instructions for each product are not included but basic instructions on how to use each item were included as well as three sample detailed instruction sheets. Full instructions and presentation suggestions for each product are available on the website under each product’s information page. Individual detailed instructions are included with each product when ordered in sets of individual products (packs of either 10 or 20). The instruction sheets include how to use the tool, what to say, questions to ask, and supporting verses to use when presenting it to children. These instructions make it easy to put this to use quickly and with minimal preparation.

Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack child evangelism tools from Let The Little Children Come


This Sampler Pack could be used in many ways. Use the sampler pack to pick out specific products to use in your ministry or event. Any of these items would be great as a lesson or incentive item in Sunday School, AWANA, or another group of children. If you have a very small group you could order a Sampler Pack for each student and present the items one at a time. This could also work for family devotionals. Simply order one pack per child and use the items one at a time as the basis for your lesson (or expand the lessons so you use one item per week). You can look up the specific instruction on the Let The Little Children Come website for the items you didn’t receive instruction sheets with. My children were extremely interested in all of the items in the pack; I won’t have any trouble holding their attention for a lesson with these tools. If doing this with a small group and ordering each child a kit you may want to give them the plastic pouch at the beginning to store the items in as they receive each one.

Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack child evangelism tools from Let The Little Children Come

These are great tools to enhance your ministry or family I hope you check them out!

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New Audio Drama from Heirloom Audio Productions {Review}

We absolutely loved the last audio drama we listened to from Heirloom Audio Productions and couldn’t wait to try out Captain Bayley’s Heir! This American Gold Rush adventure was just as wonderful as we expected!

Heirloom Audio Productions

Warning: The following contains some spoilers!

Captain Bayley’s Heir takes place in both Victorian England and the American West (with a bit of a world tour thrown in) and has two storylines that intertwine in interesting and surprising ways. You first meet Henry, a boy from a modest working-class family who has extraordinary musical talents but also has a disability and is unable to walk. While he has learned to adapt and get around well a disability of this sort can make life extremely difficult in this time period. Henry’s life quickly crosses paths with Frank, the wealthy nephew of Captain Bayley. We also meet Captain Bayley himself as well as his adopted daughter and another nephew and learn of a daughter that he never speaks of.

Captain Bayley's Heir

Frank makes a bad choice which turns into a tailspin of bad circumstances resulting in a false accusation and unjust expulsion from school. When miscommunication is added to this Frank decides to run from his problems and escape to America. Along the way Frank works hard, gains favor with those around him, and is given wise counsel. He makes his way west to the California gold rush. Applying what he has learned and his natural gifts he and his fellow miners strike it rich.

Meanwhile, Henry and Captain Bayley discover an unlikely connection that enriches both of their lives. Through Henry and Alice’s prompting every effort is made to find Frank. Those efforts fail but a favor Frank asked a friend paired with that friend’s tenacity eventually lead them to Frank.

The story was great and my kids loved it! We enjoyed this on a recent car trip. This story gives a vivid picture of the time frame and weaves in themes of faith, family, and justice in an incredibly interesting and entertaining way. My family has become devoted Heirloom Audio Productions fans and we can’t wait for the next drama!

When you buy the audio you also get the study guide. This guide contains two sets of questions for each segment of audio (by track). The first set are listening comprehension questions and the second set are more critical thinking type questions. It also contains a list of vocabulary words for each segment. Scattered throughout the study guide you find artwork depicting images from the American West during that time as well as “Expand Your Learning” boxes with additional fun background information to add more context to the story. Finally, there is a list of resources for more study on the setting of this story as well as a series of Bible Studies you can use to expand on the Biblical perspectives of the themes.

Study guide and homeschool curriculum for Heirloom Audio Productions Christian Radio Drama Captain Bayley's Heir

The study guide can be used in several ways. You can use it as a formal study or an informal family discussion guide. You can pick and choose questions and go as in-depth into the subjects as you choose. You can have your child complete the questions and vocabulary for each track as he listens to them or do them after listening to the entire story. You can incorporate whatever other resources or Bible Studies you would like. It is completely flexible to fit your family and school!

If you want even more bonus content and opportunities to expand learning consider joining the Live The Adventure Club. You will get three audio dramas throughout the year as they are released and all of the bonus content that goes with them. Plus you will get special pricing and bonus content on any additional audios you purchase. Bonus content includes an interactive online study guide, MP3 audio that can be downloaded or streamed, a PDF of the book itself, and other bonuses. You will also have access to articles on parenting, access to other audios, ebooks, and courses, and a community of like-minded people to discuss parenting and education.

Heirloom Audio Productions Christian Radio Drama Captain Bayley's Heir

I highly recommend Captain Bayley’s Heirl or any audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions for every family! The Live The Adventure club is a great option to have a new drama regularly delivered plus get all of the bonus content. Right now, if you sign up for a free 3 month trial to the club you can get Captain Bayley’s Heir for only $1! 

Stay up to date on new dramas and other news by following Heirloom Audio Productions on social media:






Have you listened to Captain Bayley’s Heir or any drama from Heirloom Audio Productions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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New Card Game: Unauthorized from Chara Games {Review}

I have grand visions of my family becoming a family who plays board and card games together, as my children are getting old enough to understand more and more games we are slowly adding to our collection (one can only play Shoots and Ladders so many times). Today I’m going to tell you about Unauthorized, a new game from Chara Games.


First, a little bit about the company. Chara Games creates board (and card) games for families with Christian themes. This is a neat idea that provides learning opportunities for your own family as well as opportunities to open up various Christian topics of discussion with others in a relaxed, casual way.

Chara Games

Unauthorized is a card game for 6-12 players ages 12+. It comes packaged in a sturdy box that should hold up well through plenty of use. The cards themselves are high quality and full color. I’m quite impressed with the quality of this product, especially coming from a pretty small company.


The box contains 12 double-sided role cards, 1 dealer card, 2 reference cards, 97 experience cards and the rulebook. Several of the experience cards are labeled to be used with 8+ or 10+ players. Basically, the expansion packs are included!


The theme of the game is the underground church. Each player is assigned a role and decides if they want to try to be aligned with the state or the church (unless they draw pastor or police which have a set alignment). During the game, certain cards are played face up and others are in each player’s hands. The object is to end up with as many people on the side of your chosen alignment, and you use your actions to manipulate other players’ alignments without necessarily giving yours away. You can make guesses based on face-up cards but don’t know what players hold in their hands (the cards each player’s hand determines his/her alignment).

The game is pretty quick to play once you learn how to play it. There is a bit of a learning curve the first time to play, especially in figuring out how to set it up. With only four rounds, it takes about 30 minutes to play.

Christian board games by Chara Games, Unauthorized strategy card game with the theme of underground Church

We had a bit of a challenge finding situations where we had at least six people old enough to play this game to try it out but we managed to make it work a few times and learned some things along the way.

What we learned:

  1. If playing with kids, it really works best to play with kids who already know at least a little about the underground church in places where Christianity is (or was) illegal. While kids who don’t know anything about the underground church can certainly follow the rules and play they just won’t really get the game. It is far more fun to play with people who understand the theme. This would be an excellent activity to incorporate into a study of the underground church and places where Christianity is (or has been) illegal.
  2. You really do need six players and the more the better. We tried playing with five players since finding six is a bit of a challenge. We had one person play two roles so that there were six “players” even though we only had five actual people. While possible, this definitely caused a bit of confusion and the game was much smoother and more fun with six people. Even more players would make it more fun and more interesting.
  3. Age matters. The box says ages 12+. I had heard that people successfully played it with children as young as eight. My almost-8-year-old wanted to play. She understood the rules and was able to follow along, but she didn’t really get the object or theme of the game and wasn’t able to strategize at all. She played a police officer and did enjoy putting everyone in jail. This is similar to #1 and perhaps if we had done a study on the underground church before playing she would have been more engaged but I think the strategy aspect would have still been a bit beyond her ability.


Christian board games by Chara Games, Unauthorized strategy card game with the theme of underground Church

Overall, this is a fun game and I love that it is quick and you don’t need hours to sit down and play. My 12-year-old thinks it could be fun for her CC Challenge class to play during lunch. They get about 40 minutes for lunch so it would be just right. It would also be great for youth groups (especially while studying about places where Christianity is illegal) and small groups. I would suggest only playing with at least 6 players and people old enough to understand the theme of the game and the strategy it takes to play effectively.

I am thrilled to have this game as part of my collection, I’m thinking about keeping it in my car and pulling it out whenever a random opportunity presents itself since it is such a quick play and small enough to carry around!

Christian board games by Chara Games, Unauthorized strategy card game with the theme of underground Church

What is your favorite family game? Have you tried anything from Chara Games? Please share in the comments!

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