Christmas Traditions Video and My Favorite Gift to Make

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I have shared quite a bit of information about our Christmas traditions. As we get closer to Christmas day I just want to share a couple more things. Today I have a video (originally aired on periscope) where you can see a few of our Christmas tradition items in more detail. I am also going to share with you my favorite thing to use for gifts for friends, teachers, neighbors and gift swaps!

Here is the video where I show you some of the Christmas items we use during this time (remember it was originally on Periscope so the quality isn’t the best!)


You can find more details about our Advent calendar at this post and more about the other items mentioned here.

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Now my favorite gift item for swaps, friends, neighbors etc:

Crocheted snowflake ornaments!!

These are easier than they look I promise!

patterns courtesy of
patterns courtesy of

There are various places to find patterns for these and a quick Ravelry search will give you plenty. My FAVORITE pattern author is “Snowcatcher.”

She has tons of different snowflake patterns and she posts new patterns all the time. She generously shares her patterns free for anyone who would like to use them.  They are well written and easy to follow!

You will need a size 7 or 8 crochet hook and size 10 crochet thread. The thread comes in many different colors and one ball of thread will last a long long time! I have yet to get to the end of one and I have made many, many snowflakes!

Snowflake supplies

After you crochet them you will need to iron them and you will need something to pin them to for stiffening. Snowcatcher suggests a pizza box and straight pins. My husband made me an awesome board that I can both iron them on and pin them to. I iron them on the board then I cover my board with a sheet of wax paper and pin them down (I do several snowflakes at once) and spray with fabric stiffener. I have a dedicated set of pins just for this purpose so I don’t ruin my sewing pins

.Snowflakes on board

The board my husband made consists of a pice of plywood, a stiff piece of styrofoam, then a thin piece of quilt batting on top, all of that wrapped in a pice of cute fabric which is stapled to the bottom.

My other favorite Christmas gift to give is homemade extracts but you don’t have time to make that this year so I will share how I make them in another post in a couple months!

Have you made crocheted snowflakes or you do have another suggestion for homemade gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, or swaps? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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