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One of my goals for 2017 is to be more intentional with my blogging. Over the last week I have been preparing by putting together a blog planner. The main part of my planner was given to me for participating in a specific project so, unfortunately, I can’t share that with you. If you are looking for one The Well Planned Gal has a really awesome looking blog planner that I would have purchased had I not received this other one.

I am also using some pages from the free blog planner at Elite Blog Academy.

Another awesome resource I am excited about using this year is this free Pinterest planner. It has monthly checklists, tips, and suggestions on board arrangement.

One thing I really wanted but couldn’t find was a good way to plan and track my daily social media posts. I want to be more consistent and engaging on social media but really need a checklist to keep me on track! Since I couldn’t find one I decided to make my own. Then I decided I might as well share it with you all! It is very simple but I think will be useful for staying engaged on the various social media platforms.

Free social media planner

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    • Great! I am a bit overwhelmed by all the “extra” stuff that goes into blogging but I definitely see that it makes a difference. I don’t mind it either just overwhelmed sometimes. Hope you are successful and I hope this checklist helps if you choose to try it!

  1. I do like checklists! I’m hoping to do better with some of my social media engagement in the year ahead, so thanks for sharing your checklist!

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