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I have had a Yearly Membership to for over a year now. In fact, I am even one of the teachers on the site (I wrote the Kindergarten Social Studies course). However, I really hadn’t used it much with my own family until I was asked to do this review. I’m glad this opportunity pushed me to explore the site more; it is such a valuable wealth of opportunity!

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {} is a membership website consisting of over 300 classes and other resources for homeschool families. The Yearly Membership includes access to all of the classes and resources for every member of your family. You can log in to your account from any web browser on any computer. Some classes include materials to download but everything is accessible online.

I started looking for classes for my children to try out right after Thanksgiving. It was perfect timing since we were in the middle of an international move. Between the move and the holidays, I had already decided to set aside our normal school work and do more relaxed and fun lessons with the kids. We didn’t do much school with everything else going on but it was nice to have a few enrichment type lessons to do.

The hardest part of using SchoolhouseTeachers was narrowing down what to try out. There are so many amazing classes and resources available.

The first thing I explored were the planners, what homeschool mom isn’t obsessed with planners? There are several awesome choices and even some planners for students. I currently have a planner that is working well so I didn’t really need to switch but I wanted to know what was available to me through my membership. There are definitely options that will work well when my current planner runs out. I will probably print out the forms I like from a couple different options on SchoolhouseTeachers and put it together in a binder in a way that works for me. That is one thing I love about PDF planners – it is easy to combine forms and add, take out, or rearrange pages based on my personal needs. I will probably do the same thing for my middle schooler with the student planners on SchoolhouseTeachers when she gets to the end of her current planner.

Next, I went to look for classes for my kids. I wanted short lessons and something more like a unit study since we would be using it during a busy season and for a short time. I didn’t want a long-term commitment for our first classes.

The following classes caught my eye:

Obviously, this was a lot more than we could do in a few weeks in the middle of a move and holidays so I had to narrow down my choices.

I decided not to try the following classes YET but to keep them in mind for later:

Heritage Crafts-some of the needed supplies I already own but they were in our household goods which were in transit and I really didn’t want to buy things I already owned.

Homesteading– this class is going to be something the whole family does together. There are many many lessons included on all sorts of skills but they don’t necessarily have to be done in order or in a specific time frame. We can just pick what we are interested in and do a lesson when we have time. Some of the lessons tie in well to goals we already have for our home and family. Also, like the Heritage Crafts class, I needed my household goods to be here and unpacked to best utilize this class!

Music Theory, Violin, and Guitar – all of these classes need a longer and more consistent time commitment. I do hope to start them all in the next couple months. I will be doing music theory with all of my children. I will personally be utilizing the Guitar and Violin classes for myself (I already play violin but need a refresher) and my 11-year-old would like to take the violin class.

So that leaves the classes we did try:

Figures in History: This is a really fun history supplement offered under Elementary History. The figures change each month so make sure you download them monthly, then you can utilize them whenever you get to that person in your regular history lesson! We just used the figures currently available. I printed a black and white standing cutout and a coloring sheet for my kindergartener and second grader. I also printed the Accent on Art pages. I read and discussed the information from the cutout page and the accent on art pages with my three oldest children (including my 6th grader) then let them color and cut out the standing figure. They loved that they got to play with “history paper dolls” and we were able to relate the people to historical events they were already familiar with.

Drive Through History: My sixth grader did this class. She completed all of the videos for Greece and Rome. There are worksheets included with each video. I am not big on worksheets but figured we would try them out for this class. I allowed her to fill in the worksheet as she watched the videos. I think this method worked well and helped cement the information. You could also use them as a quiz after the video to see what was retained.

Introduction to Colors: I did this brief unit study with my second grader and kindergartener. I intended to spread it out over a week but they wanted to do it all in one day!! This is a printable PDF packet of worksheets that addresses the color wheel, shades and tints, and the rainbow. My kids really enjoyed it and seemed to grasp the concepts quickly and easily the way they are presented. I definitely recommend this as a quick introduction to art for any child!

I saw many other classes I’d love to try while exploring the website. There are also many parent and family resources. You get access to all of this for every member of your family for one monthly or yearly price. For a large family like mine, one price for everyone is an excellent deal! I can’t recommend this resource enough for EVERY homeschool family. 

For just $14.95-19.95 your whole family can benefit from all of the amazing classes and resources available on Not sure? You can try it out for the first 30 days for just $5. Join today!!


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High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

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