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I’m not normally a big fan of online curriculum for my kids but I’ve heard so many homeschool moms rant and rave about how great Reading Eggs is that I thought I’d go ahead and give this online reading program a try. I have one particular child who really loves computer-based learning and I knew he would soak it up. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it has to offer!!

Reading Eggs*

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program for ages 3-7 but they also offer Reading Eggs Jr for kids ages 2-4 to introduce reading skills and Reading Eggspress which builds upon the basic reading skills to teach more advanced reading, comprehension and writing skills for ages 8-13. If that isn’t enough for you, a one-year subscription to Reading Eggs also includes the MathSeeds math curriculum!

Reading Eggs online reading program features

Reading Eggs offers everything you need to make this a complete language arts program for your child. In addition to the lessons and games, there are ebooks (the books are also available for purchase in print format), printable worksheets and lesson plans for each lesson, and even NEW homeschool lesson plans for grades K-2 with cross-curricular suggestions to turn the Reading Eggs material into an entire curriculum for those ages. All of this is included in your subscription.

Reading Eggs online reading program features Reading Eggs online reading program features

When your child begins the Reading Eggs program he/she can take a placement test to see where he should begin the program based on his current reading level. Then he will progress through the lesson maps which include a variety of games, songs, activities, books, and comprehension questions. Children are rewarded with golden eggs which can be used to purchase games and fun items within the program. There are printable certificates at the end of each map (level). The Mathseeds program is set up in a very similar manner.

Reading Eggs online reading program features Reading Eggs online reading program features

I had my 5-year-old using Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. He enjoyed both programs. I loved that I received emails with progress reports and had at-a-glance access to his progress on the dashboard on the website. It made it very easy to track and guide his learning. He generally completed several lessons in a sitting and was constantly asking to do more. I didn’t have him take the placement test to start. I probably should have since the first few lessons were definitely too easy for him but I figured review wouldn’t hurt and he didn’t seem to mind starting at the beginning.

Reading Eggs Mathseeds online reading program features Reading Eggs online reading program features Reading Eggs online reading program features

I also had my 2-year-old trying out the Reading Eggs Junior program. This program is less linear and toddlers can choose a variety of games, songs, and activities from the interactive screen. It wasn’t just letters and pre-reading activities but a variety of videos and songs on different subjects. I loved that it included a lot of traditional kid songs. Navigating this part of the program was a bit interesting but my toddler didn’t mind and was happy to just click around on the website until he found something he liked. Our touch screen laptop came in handy for this!

Reading Eggs online reading program features

I haven’t used any of the printable worksheets or lesson plans at this point. I have always used a specific phonics workbook for reading skills with my kids and just really didn’t think much about the worksheets but after looking them over I would certainly feel comfortable replacing my current phonics workbooks with this program and the worksheets. While the program is very strong in teaching a balanced approach to phonics and sight words and building fluency and reading skills the worksheets round it out nicely with hands-on writing and spelling skills to create a very comprehensive approach. The additional physical readers that coincide with the lessons would add even more depth to this program.

Reading Eggs online reading program features Reading Eggs online reading program features

Reading Eggs offers affordable six month and 12-month plan and they do offer discounts for multiple children. Your subscription includes access to all three levels of Reading Eggs and a 12-month subscription (which is already the best value) also includes Mathseeds. They also offer discounts for multiple students.

Reading Eggs

If you are looking for a great reading program and have kids who learn well through digital options, Reading Eggs is an excellent choice. It is easy to use and does not require a lot of prep or involvement on the parent’s part. Click on one of the links in this post before November 30th and you can get a special 4-week free trial before deciding if you would like to subscribe!

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