Read and Journal Through the Bible in One Year-REALLY!

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Yes, you really can read through the Bible in a year. Yes, even you, busy, exhausted, mom!!

I tried to read through the Bible several times and always fell off the wagon somewhere around Numbers or Deuteronomy. After failing at my attempts to read straight through I tried different reading plans that involved reading from different parts of the Bible in the same day. Those didn’t work for me either. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I would never be able to manage a solid read through of the entire Bible……..until…..

I found the Chronological One Year Bible.

My first read through was the New Living Translation (above). This is a great translation for reading through but I would suggest a different translation for in-depth study (and a regular layout for that matter).

Then I bought my husband the NIV version.

There are other versions available as well but those are the only two I have personally purchased.

All of the One Year Bibles are dated so you simply read the section for the current date. The Chronological Bibles are, of course, in chronological order but no page flipping is required; all the passages, in the order they occurred, are right there under today’s date.

This makes it easy to pick up and read without too much thinking or having to keep up with a reading plan checklist. And if I do miss a day or get behind I know exactly how much to read to catch up.

This year there is a NEW version of the One Year Chronological Bible called “Expressions.” It pairs Bible Journaling with reading through the Bible in one year.

See my other posts on Bible Journaling for ideas, tips, and supply suggestions.

The video below shows the details of the Expressions Bible.

Like the other One Year Bibles, it tells you what to read each day of the year but this one also includes illustrations inside the cover to color, illustrated month titles, and a few illustrated margins. There are wide margins on every page where you can write, draw, paint, or whatever you enjoy doing.

The Expressions Chronological One Year Bible is available in hard or soft cover. The hard cover is blue, the soft cover is illustrated.

I will be reading and journaling through this Bible this year. Each week I will choose my favorite page and post it here on the blog and link up to the Scripture & a Snapshot linky over at A Glimpse of Our Life. I will also post on Instagram with the tag #scripture&asnapshot and on this Pinterest board.

Scripture and Snapshot

I would love for you to join me in reading through the Bible this year and journaling along with me if that is your cup of tea! If you aren’t into journaling feel free to join us reading through in one year with one of the other versions.

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**This Bible is currently out of stock on Amazon but order now and they will send it when it is available or maybe you can find it at a local Christian Book store like I did.



    • Thanks! You are right we have to just keep trying, even if we don’t get through it at least we are reading. I’ve really benefited doing the chronological plan-it gives such a great overview and ties the events together so well!

  1. Like you, I’ve found that reading through the Bible chronologically over a year is what makes the most sense to me. I didn’t know there was a chronological journaling Bible available – what a great idea! Something for my wishlist!

    • I just found out about the Journaling version a few days ago and it took me a bit to track one down! I’m so excited about it. My old Chronological version was starting to fall apart so it was time for a new one anyway :).

  2. Those all sound/look helpful and awesome. I will have to check them out in more depth when I can afford them. For the past two months, I have been working through a read the book in a year plan from my church, which doubles as a bookmark, and it is really helpful!

    • That’s great! I’m sure you can also find a chronological plan that you could print and use with any Bible. These just make it easier!

  3. I can see writing on the pages of your bible…. wider margins make it easier.
    Have to admit I do balk at reading through the bible so quickly. 🙂 I shouldn’t but I do. I like taking my time and savouring the truths found therein. Do you find reading through the bible with speed helps you? Are you able to ponder and learn? I have a friend who does both..she finds reading through the bible in a year (using a variety of formats) helps her stay fixed on the big picture of God at work saving his people, but she also does slower, pondering reading that give her in-depth thoughts… if I could make both work that’s what I would do.

    • I do both. I haven’t done a read through in a year in a couple years but I generally like to do both. The read through only takes about 15 minutes a day but adding journaling will add some time to that (but I may not journal EVERY day either). I also generally try to have some other study I’m working on that takes just a verse or a few verses at a time to ponder. I do love the big picture that the read through gives me but both methods are valuable for sure!

  4. Christmas money use, perhaps! I like the idea of the journaling aspect coupled with the reading. I always use a one year Bible for reading through, even if I am doing it in a shorter period of time. Helps me keep track! Thanks for the look at the new version.

    • That would be a great thing to use Christmas money on!! Yes I have enjoyed the one year Bibles, and you certainly could speed it up but they make it so easy to keep track of what to read each day!! In my life with littles right now I appreciate that it doesn’t require much thinking or planning!

  5. It’s been a few years since I read through the bible with Cover to Cover. I would love to have a copy of this bible but sadly it’s run out of print 🙁 I told my husband it’s on my wishlist for Christmas 2017. Thank you so much for sharing

    • Yes Amazon has it on backorder, I was able to find some at my local Christian bookstore though. You might try there if you have one! I was surprised they had one hardback and two paperbacks in stock!! Even if you can’t get the journaling version I highly recommend any of their One Year Chronological Bibles-they are an excellent way to read through the Bible!

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