Overhauling Our Homeschool – Adjusting our “How” to fit our “Why”


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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair introduction


WEEK 2: How We Homeschool

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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 2: How we homeschool; Overhauling our Homeschool


Last week I shared our reasons for homeschooling but there is one reason which is also our main goal that I did not share.

To teach our children how to learn, to instill a love of learning, and to create a lifestyle of learning. 

Over the last year or so our methods of homeschooling have not been serving this goal so we are currently in the process of changing our methods to match the goal. One thing I have learned about homeschooling is that you can’t be too committed to one way of doing things. You must be able to adjust when the methods don’t serve the mission.

For the last seven years we have been using a very classical method of schooling and for the most part, it was working well. Lately, I’ve noticed that it is no longer working for certain children and is causing undue stress in the family. So we are switching things up and taking a much more relaxed approach. (There is nothing wrong with the method itself it just isn’t a good fit for our family in our current phase.)

I have found that there isn’t a specific method that quite fits my personal vision for my homeschool. There are several that come close:

Unschooling……..Delight Directed…….Life Schooling…….Interest Led…….

So I’m piecing together my own method based on our goals and vision. I am drawing inspiration and ideas from many resources and hacking together my own method. Next week, we will talk more about some of the specific curricula and resources I’m using, but today I’m just going to address the method in general.

Here are some of the ideas and inspiration I’m using to create our new schooling method:



I love this kid! He is wise beyond his years! 


Leadership Education:


These two books are basically the starting point for what is called Thomas Jefferson Education or Leadership Education. You can also find lots of great resources on the TJed website and their Facebook group is a wonderful place for ideas and support! I am planning to use many (probably most) of the ideas they present in my schooling.



I just bought this book and am enjoying it so far! I am only a couple chapters in. So far it is more about the why than the how but regardless it is encouraging and inspirational.


Charlotte Mason:

While I plan to be more relaxed than a true Charlotte Mason follower, I love her emphasis on reading good literature and will be incorporating nature journaling and some of her other ideas into my homeschool. Ambleside Online is an amazing (free) resource for all things Charlotte Mason. You can use it as your entire curriculum or draw what you want and leave the rest.


Other Resources:

Here are just a few other resources I’m using as I pray and plan how our homeschool should function to best meet our goals:

Lifeschooling Conference – this is a live conference in North Carolina that sounds very much like what I want to implement in my family. I can’t go to North Carolina in the foreseeable future but they do offer the digital recordings on their website for the 2016 and 2017 conferences. I’m currently working my way through the 2017 recordings (then I will go back and watch the 2016 videos).


 <Excellent book for ALL homeschool moms regardless of what method you use or theory you subscribe to!



 What can I say? I love everything by the Clarksons and this one happens to have lots of tips and advice that fit my vision!>






2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 2: How we homeschool; Overhauling our Homeschool



So, I don’t have a specific method to tell you about. It is sort of unschooling, sort of delight directed, and heavily influenced by Leadership Education. If you are yearning for more freedom in your homeschool and more time for your kids to explore and learn naturally rather than through prescribed curriculum and workbooks perhaps these resources will give you a place to start.


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    • Thanks! Yes it always requires adjusting, different ages, different kids….we must be willing to tweak as we go!

  1. I love your concept of adjusting your how to fit the why. I think it is easy to forget that the methodology is important for shaping how our children think and learn and just get caught up in the cool activities we see other people doing. It all should be subject to our primary purpose!

    • Thanks!! You are exactly right, it is so easy to compare and try to fit into someone else’s box but we all have to meet the needs of our own family and our own children and they are all unique!

  2. Love that kid too! Fun video to watch! Glad you have been able to adjust and find what works for you!

    • He’s great! And to be able to speak like that in front of a room full of adults!! Thanks! We are still figuring it out but hopefully on the right path. I’ll just keep adjusting until we figure it out (and then it will probably still need adjusting!)

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