Our Favorite Curriculum and Resources – An Annotated Bibliography


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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair introduction


WEEK 3: Our Homeschool Curriculum

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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week


So far in the fair, we have discussed Why We Homeschool and How We Homeschool; today I’m supposed to talk about what curriculum we use….this is a bit more challenging because we are in the middle of changing our approach and part of that change is moving away from being tied to a curriculum. However, there are many things we have tried and liked and many things we will continue to use as a resource so I’m just going to list a variety of curriculum and resources are using or have tried in the past with a few comments about each.

In last week’s Virtual Homeschool Fair post I mentioned several resources for parents so I won’t repeat those here, we will focus on resources for kids.


A few things we have tried:

Sonlight – we used the Sonlight Kindergarten curriculum when my oldest was five. It is a great curriculum with amazing books but I struggled with wanting to check off all of the boxes and that was a bit overwhelming. (You aren’t supposed to try to do everything but I’m a box checker by nature!)

My Father’s World – We tried this in 2015/16 when we had first moved to Germany and didn’t have a Classical Conversations Community. It is also a great choice all-in-one curriculum which works for multiple ages but, like Sonlight, I got hung up on trying to check all of the boxes.

Classical Conversations – This has been our main curriculum most of the time we have homeschooled. It is a wonderful program with lots of support and education for the parents. While we are changing things up a bit now, we will still be using the Classical Conversations memory work and I will still implement many of the concepts I learned from the program.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com: We are using this more and more for a variety of classes and resources. It has almost everything we could need! For more information, see my 2017 Review and my 2018 Review.



Math-U-See: This is a great program that works well for tactile learners. I take a really casual approach to it and let my kids watch the videos, play with the blocks, and have them complete about half of the worksheets.

Teaching Textbooks: My oldest was complaining about Math-U-See around fourth grade age so I switched her to Teaching Textbooks. She likes it and I like how hands off and easy to use it is.

Life of Fred: These are fun stories that teach math concepts in an innovative way. Some people use this for their entire math curriculum, I prefer it as a supplement. (They can be purchased from most larger curriculum suppliers.)


Their top picks:

I thought it would be fun to ask my kids their favorite resources rather than just tell you mine. Here is what they said:

12-Year-Old Daughter:

Drive-Through-History: My daughter loves Drive-Through-History. She has watched Ancient History and American History on SchoolhouseTeachers.com. We reviewed The Gospels last year and she enjoyed those just as much.

Apologia Exploring Creation Series: We all enjoy this science program. I find purchasing the kit for the experiments the easiest way to go.

Khan Academy: She enjoys the art and history on this website but we do spend a good bit of time discussing the worldview in relation to some of the content.


8-Year-Old Daughter:

Heirloom Audio Productions: She loves these audio dramas. We have reviewed Captain Bayley’s Heir and In The Reign of Terror. All of my kids loved them and they have study guides with extra activities to expand learning. The Live the Adventure club also contains many activities to expand on the content of each drama.

Circle C Stepping Stones: This is a series of books about a girl and her horse but for each book, there is a unit study available which covers pretty much every subject area. This particular daughter is very interested in horses so doesn’t mind doing the study and learning about other subjects as well. Check out this review for more information!

Homeschool in the Woods Lapbooks: This company offers a variety of lapbooks and notebooking resources on a variety of topics. We have enjoyed their Project Passport: Middle Ages and Make-A-State Activity.

Animal Jam: This is an online game but it teaches the kids a lot about animals, wildlife, and the environment. There is a free and paid version.


6-Year-Old Son:

We don’t do a lot in kindergarten and my son enjoys many of the resources already listed above but one he has enjoyed that my girls are too old for is Reading Eggs & Math Seeds. These are game based reading and math curricula by the same company. You can get one subscription to access both.


2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week


There you go, some of my family’s favorite homeschool resources!! Share your favorite homeschool curriculum and resources in the comments then visit some of the other blogs in the fair to check out theirs! 



Looking for more curriculum ideas? Visit my fellow homeschool bloggers!

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  1. Thank you for your insights and for sharing what you use. There are a few on your list that I’ve actually been contemplating…this is very helpful! 🙂

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