Our Advent Calendar Activities

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We have a new Advent calendar this year! (On Friday I’ll tell you how I made it.)

Advent Calendar

I will be incorporating the daily Advent activities we have done in the past into this new calendar. Today I will explain exactly what is in our calendar and how we implement it. At the end of this post will be instructions to get my Advent Activity plan for this year if you need some help getting your plan in place!

The “calendar” itself is made of fabric bags numbered for each day. In the bags are our Jesse tree ornaments that go with our study and instructions for the treat or activity for the day.

We use Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp for our Jesse Tree study (and I use The Greatest Gift also by Ann for my own personal devotional during this season). On Ann’s website you can get free printable ornaments to color that coordinate with the study; all you have to do is enter your email to get access to all of her awesome printables.

Advent Studies

One day I hope to make my own permanent set of Jesse Tree ornaments but I’m still looking for patterns and ideas that I like.

I print a set of the ornaments on cardstock for each child and each day’s ornament goes into the coordinating bag on the calendar. We read the story for that day during our school circle time and the kids color their ornaments and hang them up.

Jesse Tree Ornaments

This year we are planning to do a Kindness Elf. The Kindness Elf was created as an alternative to Elf on the Shelf.

More information about the Kindness Elf concept:

The Kindness Elves Facebook

The original idea for Kindness Elves

Kindness Elves Website

I made our elf using this super cute pattern.

Merida the Brave Kindness Elf

Our Advent calendar is a combination of acts of kindness and treats (sometimes the activity serves as both). Inside each bag on our calendar are the instructions for the act of kindness or treat for the day. I even have a scavenger hunt planned for one day this year.

The elf will be set up somewhere with the materials for that day’s activity. When there is nothing for the elf to be set up with I will probably move her around the house as a challenge for the kids to find her. No mess, mischief or clean up involved!!

Advent Calendar Close up

The kids named our elf Merida the Brave Elf because she looks like the Disney character. I had planned to make more than one but she was pretty challenging so she may have to wait until next year to get friends.

Starting on December 1st, after breakfast and before our circle time, the children will open that day’s bag. In it they will find their ornaments to color and the instructions for that day’s activity. We will read the corresponding chapter of Unwrapping the Greatest Gift and color our ornaments. We will do our activity at the appropriate time during the day. This will be repeated daily until Christmas.

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Side note: I will be making many items this year for Christmas, I will post about many of them here but if you would like to see my crochet projects and notes about the items I’ve made-including Merida the Elf follow me on Ravelry! 


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