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We absolutely loved the last audio drama we listened to from Heirloom Audio Productions and couldn’t wait to try out Captain Bayley’s Heir! This American Gold Rush adventure was just as wonderful as we expected!

Heirloom Audio Productions

Warning: The following contains some spoilers!

Captain Bayley’s Heir takes place in both Victorian England and the American West (with a bit of a world tour thrown in) and has two storylines that intertwine in interesting and surprising ways. You first meet Henry, a boy from a modest working-class family who has extraordinary musical talents but also has a disability and is unable to walk. While he has learned to adapt and get around well a disability of this sort can make life extremely difficult in this time period. Henry’s life quickly crosses paths with Frank, the wealthy nephew of Captain Bayley. We also meet Captain Bayley himself as well as his adopted daughter and another nephew and learn of a daughter that he never speaks of.

Captain Bayley's Heir

Frank makes a bad choice which turns into a tailspin of bad circumstances resulting in a false accusation and unjust expulsion from school. When miscommunication is added to this Frank decides to run from his problems and escape to America. Along the way Frank works hard, gains favor with those around him, and is given wise counsel. He makes his way west to the California gold rush. Applying what he has learned and his natural gifts he and his fellow miners strike it rich.

Meanwhile, Henry and Captain Bayley discover an unlikely connection that enriches both of their lives. Through Henry and Alice’s prompting every effort is made to find Frank. Those efforts fail but a favor Frank asked a friend paired with that friend’s tenacity eventually lead them to Frank.

The story was great and my kids loved it! We enjoyed this on a recent car trip. This story gives a vivid picture of the time frame and weaves in themes of faith, family, and justice in an incredibly interesting and entertaining way. My family has become devoted Heirloom Audio Productions fans and we can’t wait for the next drama!

When you buy the audio you also get the study guide. This guide contains two sets of questions for each segment of audio (by track). The first set are listening comprehension questions and the second set are more critical thinking type questions. It also contains a list of vocabulary words for each segment. Scattered throughout the study guide you find artwork depicting images from the American West during that time as well as “Expand Your Learning” boxes with additional fun background information to add more context to the story. Finally, there is a list of resources for more study on the setting of this story as well as a series of Bible Studies you can use to expand on the Biblical perspectives of the themes.

Study guide and homeschool curriculum for Heirloom Audio Productions Christian Radio Drama Captain Bayley's Heir

The study guide can be used in several ways. You can use it as a formal study or an informal family discussion guide. You can pick and choose questions and go as in-depth into the subjects as you choose. You can have your child complete the questions and vocabulary for each track as he listens to them or do them after listening to the entire story. You can incorporate whatever other resources or Bible Studies you would like. It is completely flexible to fit your family and school!

If you want even more bonus content and opportunities to expand learning consider joining the Live The Adventure Club. You will get three audio dramas throughout the year as they are released and all of the bonus content that goes with them. Plus you will get special pricing and bonus content on any additional audios you purchase. Bonus content includes an interactive online study guide, MP3 audio that can be downloaded or streamed, a PDF of the book itself, and other bonuses. You will also have access to articles on parenting, access to other audios, ebooks, and courses, and a community of like-minded people to discuss parenting and education.

Heirloom Audio Productions Christian Radio Drama Captain Bayley's Heir

I highly recommend Captain Bayley’s Heirl or any audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions for every family! The Live The Adventure club is a great option to have a new drama regularly delivered plus get all of the bonus content. Right now, if you sign up for a free 3 month trial to the club you can get Captain Bayley’s Heir for only $1! 

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