My Journey to Wellness – Part 2 – What I’m Doing About It

Last week I shared with you some of the health problems I have struggled with and my most recent bout of issues. Today I would like to share something I am trying out to address these issues. This is something I actually debated for quite some time and have been really hesitant to try. I decided to give it a shot even though I’m still a bit skeptical.

How I'm overcoming my health struggles

I have MANY friends who are Plexus Ambassadors and I see their stories of how awesome they feel and how much their health is improving. I had read all the literature about how Plexus is targeting gut health and how their products work by healing the gut. I’m familiar with gut health and agree with the idea that gut health effects the entire body but I was skeptical of this product.

  • What is in it?
  • It is expensive.
  • I want to be able to heal my body with natural whole foods, not a processed supplement (but I’m already taking processed supplements so I’m not sure why I had such an issue with this).

I started a few other things to try to support my adrenals. I am taking an adrenal cocktail each day (orange juice, sole, and cream of tartar) and I’m taking an adrenal support supplement. I tried a nettle infusion but couldn’t drink it, it tastes like dirt and makes me gag. After weeks of not seeing much improvement and being exhausted, I decided I might as well try Plexus. At this point what do I have to lose except a few dollars? I reached the point of desperation and am willing to try anything that might help. I’ve looked over the ingredients and while I’m not necessarily familiar with all of them they are natural ingredients and I didn’t see anything concerning in it.


How I'm overcoming my health struggles
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I thought some of you may be feeling the same way, seeing other people’s results and wondering if perhaps it could help you too. I don’t know yet if it will help me but I’m giving it a try and will post here every couple of weeks and let you know how it is going. I am drinking Slim and also trying the Bio Cleanse and ProBio 5. I joined as an ambassador because then I get the best price but I will be absolutely honest with you on if I think it is benefitting me. If you would like to try along with me feel free to order through my link and I’ll support you any way I can.

Check out this video for a quick overview of how Slim works!

So far, I’ve been drinking Plexus Slim for two weeks and have slowly added in the Bio Cleanse and ProBio 5 over the last week. One of the first, and in my opinion most important, changes is that I was able to kick my soda habit. It is embarrassing to admit but I was horribly addicted to soda (Dr. Pepper specifically). Anyone who knows me knows the ability to quit drinking it is a huge deal. The first couple days of drinking Slim I had pretty major sugar/soda cravings but after that, they just stopped. I literally FORGOT to drink a Dr. Pepper. That is a pretty big win in my books!! Definitely worth the cost so far.

How I'm overcoming my health struggles

I have also been waking up by 6:30 every morning without an alarm. I’m waking up before my kids and not feeling groggy or having to drag myself out of bed. I am also not experiencing the mid-afternoon slump where I can barely keep my eyes open at 3 pm. I am still pretty tired by the time I get my kids in bed but I also have a lot of damage to heal. I have had less pain overall and more pain-free days in the last week and I was able to make it through running our local 3-day homeschool conference without a major crash (I was exhausted when it was over but I made it through!).

How I'm overcoming my health struggles

I am finding these improvements pretty awesome and am hoping to continue seeing other improvements. I am still taking my adrenal supplement and sole as well and plan to continue doing so (and I will expand on those a little more in the future). I will share every few weeks how I am doing and how or if I think the Plexus is helping. If you would like to try this experiment with me click here to get started or feel free to continue following my story before deciding if you want to try it!

Have you tried Plexus or found some other awesome way to improve your health problems? Share in the comments!! 

**I am not a doctor or health care professional and I don’t play one on the internet. Seek the advice of a trusted health care professional for any health concerns.***


  1. I just started my Plexus journey as well!! Diabetes runs in my family plus I really need to lose some weight so I am praying this will help me become healthier.

    I too was a Dr Pepper drinker. I had to stop because of high blood pressure. I hadn’t had a sip in over a year but I did the other day and the crazy thing is that it did not taste the same to me!

    • Ohh keep me posted on how it goes for you!! I’m having a bit of a set back due to stress right now but hoping to bounce back quicker than normal. Crazy how things don’t taste as good when we haven’t had them for a while! Unfortunately, that never happens with Dr Pepper for me but it has happened with other things.

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