My 2017 Goals – Part 1 of 2

At the beginning of the year I set goals rather than resolutions. More specifically, I set “S.M.A.R.T.” goals; they must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time sensitive. Normally, I spend time working out my goals for the next year in December so they are ready for the new year, including due dates and smaller steps to take throughout the year to attain them. With our recent move, I have not had as much time as normal to work on my goals so I’m still working out the details on several of them. Because of that, and the fact that goals are personal I will just share my general goals here. Perhaps they will give you some ideas of your own.

Since I’m having a baby very soon, I’m trying to keep my goals realistic and not too demanding. Especially for the first half of the year.

I have divided my goals by the life areas they pertain to.


Read the Bible Daily – I did not do a very good job of this last year so I am going back to my method of reading through the Bible chronologically in a year.

Weekly Bible Art-Journaling – this gives me an opportunity to express myself creatively while also meditating on Scripture. I am using the One Year Chronological Expressions Bible for my daily reading which also includes space for journaling as well as pre-printed coloring throughout.

Find a church and get involved. Since we just moved we do not have a church home. My goal is to find a church to call home by mid-March.

Join the local Operation Christmas Child team. I love OCC and was active on an area team before we moved to Germany. I have already started the ball rolling on this goal and hope to be fully signed up as a volunteer by May.


Set up the house and re-establish routines (school, chores, daily rhythms). Have everything unpacked and organized and the kids in a good daily rhythm with chores and school by April 1.

Set Accountable Kids system back up as soon as possible. This is part of achieving the above goal.

Implement at least one suggestion a month from the Life Giving Home book.

The Life Giving Home

Maintain an attitude of Joy. This is harder to measure and will be a daily challenge.

Find ways to be more present in the moment with my kids. I am going to establish “work hours” for my blog and other endeavors so that at other hours of the day I can focus on my family. We will do at least one special family activity per month.

Implement new grocery system and cooking routines. I will explain this more later.


I have already shared some of our plans for our little homestead. We are still figuring out realistic goals for this year. This spring may include bees, chickens, ducks, and/or a rabbit.


Start an exercise routine after postpartum recovery. By the end of April I should be doing some sort of exercise three times a week. I am still figuring out what, when, and how.

Improve my family’s diet. I generally follow a gluten free Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions style of feeding my family. With all the chaos and stress of the last year, we have let quite a bit of processed foods slip back into our diet. I am not going for a 100% unprocessed diet – I feel like an 80/20 plan is more realistic but I do want to cut back on the cereals and crackers and other processed things that have become more common in our house. I also want to improve our breakfast and lunch menus. This goal ties back to my goal of implementing a new grocery system and cooking routines.

My list of goals got a bit long be sure to check out Part 2 to see my business and creativity goals in Part 2. 



How do you start off a new year? Do you make goals, resolutions, pick a word, or verse for the year?

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  1. These goals are so very practical! I’m finding an exercise bike is really the best investment we have made fitness wise for me in helping me lose weight postpartum. I am 6 months pp.
    I’ve found a few other bloggers going through that book that you mentioned too. I bought a planner that has a colour the Psalms page next to each week page. So far so good in managing to colour it!

    • Thanks! Your planner sounds like a great option!! I am hosting a linkup with both the Life Giving Home (monthly) and the Reading/Journaling through the Bible (weekly) feel free to join either or both by linking or commenting :).

  2. My goals usually seem to hold priority till summertime hits and schedules go a bit berserk 🙂 Good luck on working toward yours!

    • That is why it is a good idea to re-evaluate your goals in the summer :). June or July are good, mid way through the year. Edit as necessary and re-boot your motivation!

  3. Great goals. Some of them are on my to-do list also. Reading through the Life Giving Home with you 😉 Praying you find a good church. Let us know what you end up finding for exercise. I like Jessica Smith and have plans to get some sort of exercise machine soonish here.

    • Thanks Kemi! I look forward to exploring the book with you! I like dance-based exercise. I already own some ballet and belly dancing DVDs so thinking I should use what I have :). Or hula hooping, I have the stuff for that too and it seems fun!

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