Mid-Year Goal Update 2017

In January I shared my goals for the year, I thought I would give you a quick update on how those are going. Some I’ve accomplished, some I’m on my way, some I’ve dropped and I’ve added a few. This post is a bit wordy, if you want to see my explanation of the original goal visit my goal post part 1 and part 2.



I will list my updates in the same categories that I originally grouped the goals:


Read the Bible Daily – It hasn’t been easy and I’ve missed days but my reading through the Bible chronologically in a year plan is going well overall. I love this Bible and having it laid out by day makes it easy! 

Weekly Bible Art-Journaling – this has been really fun and I’ve only missed a couple of weeks. I love sharing the link-ups with my blogging friends and seeing their art as well! 

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!

Find a church and get involved. We quickly dove into a church here. We decided not to visit a bunch of different churches but to just chose one and get involved. We chose the one that has an AWANA program since that is important to our family. We also love that our church is involved with the international student ministry here in town and we are attending the International Sunday School class. So this goal was achieved and I am happy with the results!!

Join the local Operation Christmas Child team. This is a fun story. I filled out my application to join the area team and, long story short, they ended up asking me to take the Area Coordinator position for our area. I was flattered and overwhelmed and after a LOT of prayer accepted that position. I am so excited to be part of this and see what God is going to do here in Kansas!!


Set up the house and re-establish routines: I’m still working on this. It seems like anytime I think I’m making progress something sets us back. I guess that is just the life of a busy home with kids! But I’m still working on it!!! 

Set Accountable Kids system back up. Well, I did get it set up but it wasn’t going well for us anymore. I still think it is a wonderful system but the toddler kept knocking cards down and the other kids would “lose” their cards and think they didn’t have to do the chore….so I’m working on figuring out a new system. There will be allowance included contingent upon successful chore completion! 

Implement at least one suggestion a month from the Life Giving Home book. This one kind of went out the window. After a few months of trying I realized we need to start with the very basics, chores, obedience, systems, and routines, before trying to add in these other amazing ideas in this book. I’m going to revisit this idea again next year. 

The Life Giving Home

Maintain an attitude of Joy. This is harder to measure, it has been a daily challenge for so many reasons. I do well some days and completely forget other days but I will keep trying! 

Find ways to be more present in the moment with my kids. I’m definitely struggling with this one. I am feeling pulled by so many duties and obligations sometimes that I don’t always slow down but I am aware of where I need to improve and am constantly striving for better! 

Implement new grocery system and cooking routines. I haven’t even started this yet! 


I had big plans for our little homestead this year. I wasn’t quite able to do all of them but we did get bees and chickens


Start an exercise routine after postpartum recovery. Nope, hasn’t happened. I do an occasional squat or plank and I lug a baby around constantly but that is pretty much the extent of it! 

Improve my family’s diet. I feel like we are doing pretty good on this. I was able to get meat in bulk and join a food coop which helps with being able to get affordable natural foods. We have cut down quite a bit on processed foods and are back in a decent meal routine. I’ve also found ways to vary our lunch menu a bit more.



Do something creative at least 3 times per week. Other than my Bible Journaling, I’m not really doing anything creative. The baby doesn’t give me much opportunity but I will be able to more soon I hope!

Complete at least one creative project per month. Nope. See above.

Start my historical craft blog. This hasn’t happened yet and won’t for at least a few more months. It will likely move to a 2018 goal! 



Grow this blog by:

  • I have been consistently posting twice a week most weeks, occasionally more, occasionally less but this seems to be what I can do right now. 
  • Post regularly on social media.
  • Grow my social media followings by 500 (10/week)
  • Learn to better utilize Pinterest and Instagram
  • Improve SEO
  • Increase mailing list to 250 (5 per week)
  • Increase traffic to average 50 daily pageviews/1500 monthly page views

I had to adjust my weekly posting goal, I have been sharing regularly on social media, but the rest of these goals I have not achieved yet.

Start/complete blog projects. I mentioned some of my specific blog projects when I came back from my hiatus. I have not been working on these, they have temporarily moved to the “some day” category.

Exchange program – I recently took a position placing foreign exchange students in local high schools. I have placed one student for this year, I look forward to working with her and placing more next year.

Re-launch my Usborne business. I have pretty much dropped this goal. I may do a few things here on the blog with Usborne but have basically decided to let my MLMs go – I have come to the conclusion that isn’t my area.

Farmer’s Market – I actually forgot I wrote this goal! 

Education/Training – I am currently working on Birth and Bereavement Doula Certification. I plan to get my Childbirth Educator certification next.

I have started a new job and added some other future goals in this category as well but I will discuss those more later. I’m also re-thinking the direction of this blog and plan to refocus what I am doing here soon.

How are your 2017 goals doing? Let me know in the comments!! 


  1. Congratulations on being selected for the Operation Christmas Child leadership team! It’s always so much fun to participate in the program each year.

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