Let’s Talk About Christmas! Series Starting Monday.

I know, it’s Halloween, but I want to talk about Christmas. Do you feel stressed, hurried, or frustrated during Christmas? Do you get bogged down in the shopping and planning and attending and forget to actually spend time worshiping and meditating on the reason we celebrate? Do you find yourself grumpy or frustrated because everyone else seems grumpy? Do you long for more peacefulness during the celebration of the Prince of Peace?

Christmas is insane these days. With the shopping, the expectations of gifts, the out-of-control spending, crowds and parties.

Remember the real reason for Christmas

There is a better way. A meaningful, peaceful, family centered Christmas in which Christ takes center stage is possible. I don’t have all the answers, but I have some ideas and I will share them with you this week. Each day, Monday through Friday, I will post a new tip in my “5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas” series.

I am doing this series now so that you will have time to get some plans in place to implement any of the suggestions you would like to try this year. You won’t want to miss any of the posts this week, sign up with the form below so that each post will come straight to your email.

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