Journey to Wellness – Part 1; The Problem

I have mentioned in other posts that I’ve been having some health struggles. I thought I would share what is wrong and what I’m trying in case any of you are dealing with the same things and looking for ideas. (This post got long so I’ve broken it into two parts, this first part is the background on what my health issues are, next week I will share what I’m doing about it.)

My pursuit of health and wellness trying to heal adrenal and thyroid issues

I have had thyroid issues for 15 years, my thyroid just can’t seem to keep up. For the first 10+ years after being diagnosed I was treated in the way modern medicine typically treats these issues. Unfortunately, my health slowly deteriorated instead of improving. At one point I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (I believe the symptoms of this were really just a result of my thyroid issues being inadequately treated and the adrenal fatigue that resulted because of my sluggish thyroid). The first half of this time was what I call “pre-crunchy” and I really didn’t know or pay attention to how what I was ingesting affected my health, so my diet was also terrible and I depended on caffeine and sugar to keep me going. I now know that this just compounded my problems.

About 10 years after getting diagnosed with my thyroid issues, I started learning more about natural treatments for all sorts of things and how food and the gut affect overall health. I started cleaning up my diet and sought out a functional doctor to change my medicine to something that would hopefully allow my body to start actually healing and functioning better rather than putting a bandaid on the symptoms. I had amazing success with changing my diet, adding a few supplements, taking a good quality multivitamin, and changing my thyroid medicine.

For several years I felt great, my energy level was back up, and my pain and migraines were almost non-existent. Then we got our assignment to Germany and I had trouble getting the supplements and medication I needed. While I managed to get the medication, it was a constant source of stress and I wasn’t able to maintain my whole regime of supplements. The entire assignment was also stressful in other ways, my husband worked long hours and our living situation was not the best (our house was full of mold and the neighbors smoked right outside our windows so we were forced to constantly inhale cigarette smoke).

My pursuit of health and wellness trying to heal adrenal and thyroid issues

About a year and a half ago we needed to make an emergency trip back to the states. At the last minute, we packed up and flew 9 hours over the ocean, spend a whirlwind two weeks in Texas visiting family and driving all over the state then flew back over the ocean – all with 4 kids. At this time I was heavily (overly) involved in many volunteer positions there in Germany and spent a lot of energy on them. When I flew back, there was no time to recover or grieve the loss that prompted the trip, I had to jump immediately back into my roles. I did not have the physical or emotional reserves for this and my body started to show the signs of it.

Just a few months later we found out I was expecting our 5th child and we started working on getting our assignment back to the U.S. We were very thankful to be able to get my husband’s report date moved up so that the baby could be born here but that meant moving while eight months pregnant (I preferred this to moving with a newborn OR staying in Germany longer). So in December, we moved back across the ocean and less than 2 months later had a baby.

Remember my health was already starting to suffer from the previous trip. The move did me in. I crashed. The pain from 9 years ago returned, my energy level plummeted and I reached a point where I was having trouble functioning. I knew my adrenals were fatigued to the point of exhaustion and that I had to do something.

Next week, I will tell you what I am currently doing in hopes of improving my health and healing my body! 


Do you have any of these issues? Feel free to share what you struggle with and what you do to get or stay healthy in the comments! 


**I am not a doctor or healthcare professional and I don’t play one on the internet, check with a trusted healthcare professional about your health problems.**

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