Journaling Through The Bible – Week 34 {Link Up}

I am reading and journaling chronologically through the Bible in 2017. Each Sunday I will post one of my journaling pages and thoughts from that week’s reading. I will also have a linky for anyone who would like to participate to share how their Bible reading and journaling is going!


I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


The Reading:

This week was a challenge! I taught my first classes for VIPKID and my schedule filled up much more than I expected!! That is a good thing but I had to quickly adjust my normal schedule and figure out how everything, including Bible reading, fit! I am getting up early enough to do my reading before my classes start so now that I’m in the swing of things I should be back to a good consistent Bible reading routine.

Is anyone else ready to move on to the New Testament?? Oh my goodness, I know there are tons of great lessons in the prophets when you do an in depth study but reading through it quickly starts to feel a bit like a broken record (and I’m afraid my blog posts are too!). Israel screws up, God punishes, they cry out, God shows up. Apparently, He knew we were going to need to hear this a few (dozen) times to get it through our heads too!!! Anyway, I’m trudging through Jeremiah and Ezekiel still, hoping to get to the Birth Of Christ soon!!!


The Journaling:

I’m not very happy with how this page turned out. I would have preferred to do my own page this week as I didn’t love either of the provided images but my brain can’t handle anymore thinking right now! Also, using gel pens to color with a wiggly baby in the other hand isn’t really the best idea – in case you were wondering. I went for colors resembling water. I love playing with my oil pastels but again….wiggly baby doesn’t really help! I let my 7-year-old help with the blending. She asked why her brother and sister have both gotten to help and she hasn’t, I might have to let her color next week’s entry!


I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


What I used for this entry:

Loew-Cornell watercolor pencils
Pilot G – 2 Gel Pens
Pentel Oil Pastels
in the One Year Chronological Expressions Bible

The Link-up:

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


Nobody linked up last week :(. Where are all my Bible Journaling friends??? I hope you all come back this week I miss seeing your beautiful art!!!


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Kids, Crunch, and Christ Journal Through The Bible


Well, as I said above I taught my first class (actually I taught 13 classes) for VIPKID this week which made things a little hectic. It is definitely an adjustment to our schedule. I will be cutting back going forward, I didn’t actually expect all of my slots to fill so quickly. I plan to teach around 10 classes a week most weeks. My younger kids start back to Classical Conversations next week and I’ve been trying to get their school materials organized but all I have at the moment are a bunch of school books piled on the floor. I need to get that situated asap. I have a review coming up this week on a resource that is a great addition for CC families so be watching for that!


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  1. Agree, was very glad to get to the New Testament and the uplifting of Jesus. I did enjoy reading the Old Testament as I’d never done that completely before, and it is much like reading a novel and not as boring as I thought since I went at a slow pace. I started in 2014 and just finished the end of 2016 and first of 2017. I am now reading Revelations slowly, and will start back through since I now have some idea of who is who in this book of God’s, and can now read and understand better with the 2nd reading. I plan to begin now that Fall will arrive and Summer settles down. Thanks for visiting and linking. Sorry if I missed your link the last couple times. Have a nice week ahead.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    • Oh, the first couple times I read through the whole Bible I was enthralled. This is why I suggest everyone read through it chronologically at least once! And now that I have done that a couple times and have the “big picture” it adds so much to a slow reading or deep study of any given section. This is my fourth or fifth read through so now I’m kind of like “ok ok Israelites get it through your head!!!” But really as I shake my head at them I just remember that I am the same way and thank God for his everlasting Mercy!!!

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