Journaling Through The Bible in 2018 – Week 3

I am reading and journaling chronologically through the Bible in 2018. Each Sunday I will post one of my journaling pages and thoughts from that week’s reading. There are several ways for you to participate see below for details!


I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!



The Reading:

We have made it through the stories about Jacob, Isaac, and Joseph’s dysfunctional families and now I’m on to Job…..I am not a huge fan of Job. I don’t understand why people call him patient. He isn’t patient, all he does is whine BUT he doesn’t curse God and that is really the lesson here. Despite his horrible circumstances (which he was very vocal about) he never called God unrighteous or wrong or turned away from Him. He expressed that he didn’t understand and didn’t think he had done anything to deserve it but remained reverent through it all.



The Journaling:

I wasn’t sure what I would find to journal in Job but then I saw this: Job 9:33 “If only there were a mediator between us, someone who could bring us together.” (NLT) Job is talking about how great and mighty God is and how he is unworthy and unable to appeal to God about his circumstances and ask God to stop punishing him and then he says this. What an amazing foreshadowing of Christ! I had to journal this one. I was brave and did the lettering directly in my Bible this time.



I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!


What I used for this entry:

Pentel Slicci Pens
Pentel Oil Pastels
Kuretake Bimoji Fude Felt Tip Brush Pen – Medium Brush Tip
in the One Year Chronological Expressions Bible


Scripture Writing:

Part of my study this year includes writing out scriptures on certain subjects. They are women and marriage; children, family, and behavior; and feelings and the character of God. I keep these in three different sections of a multi-subject notebook. I share the scriptures I find in the facebook group, join me there to follow along!


Your Turn:

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!


There are many ways you can participate in my reading and journaling through the Bible challenge this year:

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Kids, Crunch, and Christ Journal Through The Bible



This week was crazy busy! The upcoming week looks pretty much the same! I’m hoping February will give us a bit of down time. Potty training a toddler and sleep training a one-year-old (his birthday was yesterday!) is exhausting and I still have to keep up with all of the other kids’ stuff but we are doing our best to plan in rest and family time to keep a balance.



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  1. I could never understand Job. I remember when we read it as part of a World Lit class in College. I have been trying to take a deeper look at him this year.

    • I should probably spend some time studying it deeper at some point. I get the overall point of the book but it isn’t the most fun read!

  2. Job is a challenge to understand, for sure! I just recently read through the book myself –
    every time I read it I get a little more out of it, but it will take a lot more readings before I feel like I really have a handle on it! But I love how you illustrated this verse – that was one that struck me when I recently read it, how Job longed for a mediator and how prophetic that was. Have a blessed week!

    • It is a unique book for sure. This just jumped out at me but it is so cool! I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before.

  3. I had never seen a journaling Bible. That’s very interesting. I stumbled across your entry and thought I’d post a comment since I can’t link up, since I’m not journaling through the Bible myself.

    • Thanks for visiting! Glad you liked it, maybe something you can try out in the future (you don’t NEED a special Bible necessarily).

  4. Reading about the women of the Bible was one of my more favorite parts of reading the Old Testament, however, at times, I really didn’t understand their behavior. The book of Job was hard to get through but I leaned a lot on Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary to explain some of what was happening with Job and his accusing friends. It was a great reminder of when bad things happen to good people, it is not because they have sinned or done anything wrong as his friends seem to accuse. 🙂

    Have a great week

  5. I have yet to start bible journaling but this looks like a fun place to start. As for Job he is someone remember during times of adversity. I look at a person who had so much taken away without loosing his faith… it reminds me how precious, and at the same time uncertain, life can be. Through everything we can be sure that the good Lord is with us.

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