Journal Through The Bible – Week 6 {Link Up}

I am reading and journaling chronologically through the Bible in 2017. Each Sunday I will post one of my journaling pages and thoughts from that week’s reading. I will also have a linky for anyone who would like to participate to share how their Bible reading and journaling is going!


I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


The Reading:

I haven’t stayed on track as well this week. I’m pretty much caught up now but had to double up several days. It was the first week we really got back into a somewhat normal routine and I took the kids to their normal activities with the baby. All of the activity resulted in a tired mom and grumpy, clingy baby which threw off my other routines a bit! That said I’m staying more-or-less on track with some catch up reading.

I love the Exodus which is where I’ve been reading this week. The presence of God is with the Israelites in such tangible ways, the pillars of cloud and fire, the manna and quail, water from the rock…..amazing. And yet, even with the ever-present, undeniable signs of God all around them, even after they walked across the Red Sea on dry land….they still questioned. They still doubted. They still complained!! Every time I read this I think how can they question God with all of this, but then I quickly think about myself and my own doubts and complaints. What a picture of all of us the exodus is. And what a testimony of God’s grace and enduring love and patience!


The Journaling:

As I mentioned it was a hectic week and I had trouble finding time to journal (since I sort of need both hands). This entry was done very quickly in a few minutes I was able to grab after laying the baby down. It isn’t great, I’m hoping my skills improve as we move through the year. I wanted to capture the pillars of cloud and fire because to me this would have been an ever-present, undeniable evidence of God’s existence during a time of uncertainty for the Israelites. Sometimes, I wish His presence was this obvious for me but then I remind myself in the ways it is even if I can’t see it physically.

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


What I used for this entry:

Pentel Oil Pastels
in the One Year Chronological Expressions Bible

The Link-up:

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2017, join me on my linkup!


I was joined last week by two awesome journalers:

Dani from Paulette’s Papers with her always beautiful artwork! I want to try the distressing and sparkly paints she featured in her post last week.
And I had a new participant, Peabea, who shared a neat idea I hadn’t seen before – digital journaling. Make sure you check out her blog to see her digital Bible art! She also has a weekly scripture linkup so make sure to navigate to this week’s post and link up there as well!!


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Kids, Crunch, and Christ Journal Through The Bible

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  1. Exodus was one of my favorite books. I have several others. When I started reading in 2014, that was the first time I’d actually read the Old Testament very well. The history, the tribes, the people and what they endured makes me so much more appreciate how God was always there with them even when they weren’t aware.

    Thank you sweet lady also for the nice shout out to my link and for visiting.

    • Glad to see you back today! Yes reading through the Bible was the first time I’d read more than disjointed bits and pieces of the Old Testament and reading through it chronologically really helps put together all the events. It really is an amazing story/history!

  2. I am almost done working my way through Exodus! I love finding thjings I know I have read before in this book but for some reason God has really made them stand out to me this time around.

    Have a beautiful week and enjoy your little one!

    • Thanks!! Yes, Exodus is so full of nuggets there is always something new to notice or notice in a new way!! I really like it, it is never boring!

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