January – A Life Giving Home Discussion {Link-up}

Welcome to the first monthly discussion of A Life Giving Home! I hope you had a chance to read the January chapters in both the book and study guide. If not feel free to catch up and join the discussion later! If you don’t yet have the books click below to order them:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and link up


In the Book:

Most people think about planning and organizing in January and that is exactly what Sally focuses on in this chapter. On page 45 she gives a list of questions to ask yourself to determine what needs some organizing and how to best accomplish it. On the next page, she gives a handy acronym to help you make sure to think through all areas of your life and come up with a balanced plan. From there, she goes into a list of routines that she uses to keep her days flowing smoothly. Some of these routines may work for you and some may not but they are all excellent ideas and examples of creating habits and a flow to your day.


In the Study Guide:

My biggest take away from the study guide for this month was that we need to be INTENTIONAL in our planning for our homes, families, and all parts of our life. A Life Giving home won’t just happen but must be intentionally cultivated.

I will generally not post many of my personal thoughts from the “At Home In The Word” section of the study guide because I feel like they are very personal. But I strongly encourage you to complete this section prayerfully and apply it to your life. Feel free to share your thoughts from this section as you feel led and comfortable.

Bringing It Home: My biggest struggle in January is getting everyone back into a routine after the holidays. Getting our homeschooling back on track is always a bit of a struggle and we seem to hit a bit of a slump in January. The long dark days and cool weather also start to get to me and I have to work to not get lazy and apathetic this time of year.


What I Tried:

I had a baby in the middle of this month so honestly, this wasn’t my focus. However, I did spend time planning my year and start to get my kids back into a routine, which has been extra challenging after a move and the holidays. I would have loved to read Little Britches and watched Anne of Green Gables from Sally’s suggestions but I haven’t found my copy of Little Britches yet! Perhaps we will do that in February unless I like some of the February suggestions better!!


My Thoughts:

I am generally pretty good about spending time in December or January making a plan for the upcoming year. This year, due to many circumstances, I didn’t spend as much time as I usually do on this task. Next year I hope to be able to take Sally’s suggestion and get away one day for a time of focused planning. I also really like her idea of a game night for New Year’s Eve and will consider trying that next year.


Your Turn:

Share your thoughts on the January Chapters of The Life Giving Home and The Life Giving Home Experience. You have 3 ways to share:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and linkup


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A Life Giving Home Discussion and Link-up

Next Month:

In the next week read through the February chapters of the book and study guide. Choose at least one suggestion from the book to try with your family. Join us here February 25th and share your thoughts from the chapter, what you tried, and what you plan to do going forward.


  1. I only bought the book. What does the workbook contain? Do you think it’s worth the expense or is the book enough? Thanks for introducing me to this book!

    • The Experience is more of a workbook, it has a section each month to apply scripture to the concepts Sally discusses then a section with questions to help you think through how you will apply it to your own life. I think it contains helpful prompts but I’m sure you could get plenty of ideas from the book itself. It is really up to you! I think it is worth the cost but not essential to benefitting from the study.

  2. I really enjoyed January. My home was missing it’s routines. We’ve implemented a few this year and they will change as the seasons do.

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