January – A Life Giving Home Discussion {Link-up}

Welcome to the first monthly discussion of The Life Giving Home (take 2)! I hope you had a chance to read the January chapters in both the book and study guide. If not feel free to catch up and join the discussion later! If you don’t yet have the books click below to order them:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and link up


How this study works:

  1. On the last Friday of each month, I will post my overall thoughts on the chapter for the upcoming month and what suggestions from that chapter I plan to try. I will also share how things are going with previous ideas I have tried.
  2. In our Facebook Book Club we will discuss the chapter in more detail and work through the questions in the study guide.
  3. I will check in with everyone weekly in the book club group to see how we are all doing implementing suggestions from the book.
  4. You can also interact in the comments to discuss your thoughts on the chapter and/or link up your own blog post discussing the chapter using the linky.


My Thoughts:

Sally describes the new year as a new start, a clean slate, out with the old and in with the new! I agree with this and am excited about a fresh start in a new year. That said I tend to take the approach of wipe the slate clean and plan out a whole new schedule and routine and new ways of doing things and attempt to implement it all on January first. It took me quite a few falls flat on my face to get through my head that making changes that way rarely works. So this year I am making new plans and goals for changes in the rhythm, routine, and culture of our family but I will be implementing them very slowly, one or two changes at a time until they become habit and routine. I expect it will take most of the year to start seeing the changes in myself and in my family that I hope to see. I am learning to be ok with that and am just making a list of things to work toward….slowly. Sally also describes the culture of home as a garden that needs to be planned, cultivated, and worked. Gardens require a lot of work before you see the fruit of that labor. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to see the results of your work but sometimes it takes a year or more. Berry bushes generally take a couple years to establish themselves enough to bear fruit. Trees can take several years. I am viewing 2018 as a year of planning and cultivating and giving myself permission to slowly and intentionally build our family culture. Starting with the most important things we need to work on and slowly working my way through my list of goals a little at a time.

Sally touches on making plans within the limitations of our current circumstance, strengths, weaknesses, personality and the needs and personalities of our family members. This is another lesson I’m learning. My time is limited, very limited. My children have many and a wide variety of needs and my husband’s job keeps him away often. These and many other circumstances are what I need to keep in mind when setting goals and making plans. If I am overwhelmed and frustrated it is because I have overestimated my time and abilities and it is not fair for my family to suffer because of my own poor planning. Improving in my ability to realistically plan is one of my main goals for this year! One thing I have recently heard many times is that God gives you enough time in a day to accomplish all that HE has set out for you to do (not necessarily all that you want to do). If you can’t get it all done there is something there that doesn’t belong. I’m working on removing the things that don’t belong and focusing on His plan for my life.

Sally goes on to talk about planning and give a variety of suggestions to help in your planning. She then discusses routines and rhythms that we could work on in our homes. Making plans for my family, listing the things I currently do and those I want to do and then prioritizing and choosing based on how much time I actually have is one of my plans for January. I will also be setting up chore lists, our ideal daily schedule or routine and goals for my family. But as I said before I will choose one or two things to work on at a time as we develop new and better habits. I will be starting with working on our bedtime routines (and children staying in bed when they are told) and our morning routines. I think if we establish good rhythms at the beginning and end of each day it will set the tone for the rest of the day. I really want to incorporate Sally’s morning blessing into our day. I think that would really help my children feel loved and start out the day on a positive note. Once we have developed good morning and bedtime routines I will slowly add in many of the other routines Sally recommends.

This year I expect my planning and organizing will take most of the year. For example, I hope to thoroughly declutter my home but I don’t expect to get it done in one month. I also plan to overhaul and streamline my meal planning and grocery shopping but again that may take several months. I am also working on setting up a homemaking binder, another project that may take a while. Hopefully, doing these things slowly, intentionally, thoughtfully, and prayerfully will mean future years’ planning will be easier.



Your Turn:

Share your thoughts on the January Chapters of The Life Giving Home and The Life Giving Home Experience. You have 3 ways to share:

  1. Here on the blog in a comment
  2. In the Facebook Book Club Group
  3. On your own blog via the Link-up below


A Life Giving Home book discussion and linkup


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A Life Giving Home Discussion and Link-up

Facebook Discussion:

I am hosting a Facebook discussion group for this study. We will delve deeper into the book and discuss the study guide. We can keep each other accountable and encourage each other in our goals and efforts in creating our own Life Giving Homes. I look forward to seeing you there!


Next Month:

I will post my thoughts on the February chapter and what ideas I plan to try on January 26th. 


    • Morning blessing is basically the practice of saying something positive to/about each child as they wake up such as “I’m so happy to see you today!” or “I’m so glad you are my child.” Just making a habit of giving each child a blessing to start the day.

    • The book is excellent! We are only working on one chapter a month if that makes it sound more doable and how much you do is totally up to you!

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