Internship for High School Credit {Review}

My oldest is getting ready to begin junior high level work but she was able to get into a program interning at our local zoo this summer, so when we had the opportunity to review Internship for High School Credit from Apologia Educational Ministries I thought it could be a great way to expand on that experience and add a little something extra. I was also hoping it would provide a good way to document the work experience and knowledge she gains this summer. I have not been disappointed.

Internship for High School Credit

This workbook covers all aspects of getting an internship, from deciding what type of place your student would like to look for through writing a resume and cover letter to interviewing and his/her first day on the job. The Getting Started section covers all of these and will help you prepare your student for the internship as well as a paying job in the future. This section is brief but thorough with plenty of great tips.

The next section, information for parents, covers many items a parent should think about such as what is required to count as a high school credit, child labor laws, documenting the course, and evaluating the workplace environment your child will be entering. Again a succinct chapter covering a lot of important information.

The next two sections are where your student will document each semester. If you are only doing an internship as a one semester class you will only use Part III and skip Part IV. Part III starts by asking the student to set some goals for the semester. The rest of the section is broken down into months and then weeks. There is a chart to write down the dates and hours worked each week for a month followed by questions and activities for each week during that month. This section also contains a midterm work performance evaluation form, an end of semester evaluation form, and a place to write down skills gained through this experience.

Homeschool internship for high school credit

The forms for the second semester in Part IV are similar but the record keeping and activities are now in 2-week blocks and the activities are a bit deeper and more involved than in the first semester. The same evaluation forms are included for this semester but the skills gained form is not included here. You can add the skills gained to the form from the previous semester or just write then on a separate sheet. Finally, Part V contains wrap-up information including having the student write a thank you note, obtain a letter of recommendation, and update his/her resume.

As I said earlier, my daughter is interning at our zoo this summer. She is barely Jr. High age but this workbook has been a great way to document what she is hoping to gain from the experience and what she is actually learning and doing. Some of the assignments don’t really work with what she is doing but it has been easy to adjust or skip those. For example, she did not need a resume or have a formal interview for this position, however, we are still working on her resume just for the experience and knowledge of how to do it. She won’t be able to get the evaluation forms completed because the program is not set up with a way to meet one-on-one with a supervisor but most of the weekly activities are things she can do.

I love this workbook. I have always planned to have my kids do an internship or apprenticeship when they are teens and this is a wonderful, step-by-step guide on how to do that and record of the experience. I expect to purchase this again and again as my other kids get older and as my oldest goes on to complete other internship opportunities. Too many kids go to college, or even leave college, with no practical experience and no idea how to get a job, having your child do an internship in high school will teach him/her those skills, using this workbook will do so in a comprehensive way.

We love Apologia and use several of their products in our homeschool. Make sure you check out my review of their Readers in Residence curriculum as well.

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