Homestead Updates Spring 2017 (Series intro)

our homesteading adventure updates

There has been a lot happening on our little homestead this spring. It is very exciting and has been a challenge not to go overboard with what we are trying to do this first year. I started to write a post with all of our updates and it quickly got VERY long so I will do a series instead!

Keep in mind we really don’t know what we are doing so this is all a grand experiment!! 

Here is a little bit about the updates you can look forward to over the next few weeks:

The plants: What we are growing, what is already growing on our property and what we plan to grow at some point.

our homesteading adventure updates

The Poultry: We got chickens (and guineas)! I’ve learned a lot in our little chicken experiment.

our homesteading adventure updates our homesteading adventure updates

The bees: the bees are coming soon and we have been preparing.

our homesteading adventure updates

The house, yard, and pets: we have done quite a bit just cleaning and fixing up around the place!

Goals update: At the end of this series I will post an overall update on my goals from the beginning of the year.

The homestead kitchen: My kitchen adventures in natural/whole/healthy living!

our homesteading adventure updates


My plan is to post one update post a week for the next few weeks; of course, life could get busy and I could miss a week but I will get these up as quickly as life allows. Be watching for these if you want a glimpse into our homesteading journey. I will also link here as the directory for this season’s updates.

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