Holiday Recap

With my family being in the middle of a move we will be spending Thanksgiving in a hotel and Christmas will very likely be in an empty house. So, unfortunately, most of my normal holiday traditions will be out the window this year. Since I don’t have any new plans to share with you I thought I’d give you a handy list of my previous posts about end of the year holidays. Hope you can find some fun ideas to try with your family!!

What I do about Halloween

5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #1

5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #2

5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #3

5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #4

5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #5

Our Advent Calendar Activities This post includes instructions for a download of our Advent Activities, this is my 2015 calendar but is still available. I probably won’t be making a new one for this year since we will be in transition and it is hard to plan what we can do. Feel free to use the ideas and fit them into your calendar!

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions Video and My Favorite Gifts to Make

Holiday Duck Recipe

Putting this list together made me realize I don’t have much about Thanksgiving. We don’t do a lot for Thanksgiving but I’ll try to share a couple ideas next week.

What is your favorite fall holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) tradition? Share in the comments!!


  1. My dad and I have a very non-traditional and quirky Christmas tradition. When I was maybe 8 years old, my dad was going through a “Godzilla phase,” so I took one of his Godzilla figurines and put it in our manger scene. We’ve kept Godzilla in our manger every year since. Sometimes he’s hanging outside, sometimes he’s on the roof, it changes. But even Godzilla pays his respects to little baby Jesus 🙂

    • HAHA That is awesome! Godzilla needs Jesus too! Love it, those are the quirky things that make for great memories!

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