Giving Back Wednesdays-Adoption

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

James 1:27 NIV


One of my Proposed 2016 Resolutions for The Church is to care for orphans and widows.


There are several ways to do this, and it must be a two pronged approach: Adoption and Economic Empowerment. There are many, many children in the world who need a family to love them. For most of these children reuniting them with their biological families is not possible.


However, we also need to prevent orphans by empowering families to support themselves. There are programs in place already working towards this. We need to adopt children who have no families to love them AND empower families who want to care for their children to do so!

There are three times as many churches in America as there are foster children available for adoption. That is ridiculous. If one family from every THREE churches would adopt one child from the U.S. foster system there would be NO children without parents in our country. I see no excuse for there to be any adoptable children in U.S. foster care given these numbers.


I propose we (The Church) make a push to have at least ONE family from every church in America pursuing adoption. Some will be adopt through foster care and others will adopt privately, either domestically or internationally. The rest of the church needs to rally around this family (or families if your church is BLESSED enough to have multiple people rise to the challenge).


They need to be supported emotionally, financially, and physically (with supplies they will need, help with kids or household tasks etc). Not everyone can adopt but EVERYONE can support an adopting family in some way. If we do this we can end the orphan crisis in the US and make a significant dent in it internationally.

Let me give an example of how the church can support adoptive parents in a way that will  bring more children home to families:
International adoption costs between $35-50 thousand dollars (this varies widely based on agency, country, and other factors). That is a very large cost that most families can’t afford on their own. If an adopting family attends a moderately sized church of 500 adult members and each adult member commits to donating $100 a year to an adopting family that would fully fund one adoption per year within the church. That is LESS THAN $10 A MONTH.

Most people can come up with $100 a year or $10 a month. Some churches are larger and could sponsor more adoptions (or help a smaller neighbor church with theirs).
I know there are some people who are in a season where even $10 a month is not possible right now but there is something everyone can do. Can you help with a fundraiser? Can you clean out your closets and donate clothes in the adopted child’s size? Or donate to a fundraising yard sale? Can you offer to mow their lawn while they are gone or after they get back while they are bonding? Can you watch their other children? Everyone can do SOMETHING.


Every third Wednesday on Giving Back Wednesdays we will be talking about adoption. I will feature a child available for adoption, an adopting family who could use some support, and/or a child available for hosting (more about that later).


Remember everyone can do something.


Meet Elizabeth, our first featured child. 




Isn’t she just a cutie???

Elizabeth was born 2010, she is currently in an orphanage in Eastern Europe awaiting a family.

She has special needs that her orphanage is not able to care for or get medicine for. She will have a longer, more full life in a family.

She is very smart and very well developed for her age.

Her special needs include:  Spinal AmyotrophyWerdnig-Hoffman disease. These cause her muscles to die and the care she needs is not available where she is. She desperately needs a family.

She needs special care, rehabilitation, specific medications and good nutrition to have the best life possible.


How can you help?


Could you be the family she is waiting for? If you have considered adopting pray about if she is supposed to be part of your family. If not, you can donate to her fund on Reeces Rainbow which will help her family pay for her adoption once they find her. You can also share this post or her profile page on social media in hopes that her family sees her soon.

If you would like more information about how to adopt Elizabeth contact Reeces Rainbow. 

This little girl deserves the best life possible.Will you help to find her a family?

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