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Well, I dropped off the face of the internet for a while. Sorry about that!! Life sort of took over. Last year I overcommitted a bit, and while I held it together for a while a family emergency/last minute international trip, several minor kid issues and a surprise pregnancy rather threw me off. I thought this summer would slow down and allow me to catch up but it was just the opposite.

Now I’m at a point where I’m reducing my commitments outside the home in preparation for some major life changes. I am also promising myself that I will be careful to take on less commitments outside of my home and focus more on my writing. I plan to post here at least once a week going forward.

Here are some things I am working on that you can look forward to in the next few months:

cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum

I am currently finishing up a 34 week Social Studies Curriculum for kindergarteners over at Schoolhouse Teachers. I am not sure yet if I will offer the curriculum by itself here on the blog. You can get it right now, along with over 300 homeschool classes for your entire family, at the Schoolhouse Teachers website for one monthly or annual subscription (one subscription covers the whole family)! Visit the website to see what all they have to offer!

 cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg Elementary Home-Ec Curriculum

I am working on another curriculum that WILL be offered here on the blog as soon as I have it polished up and ready for the general public. This is a 12-week introduction to Home-Ec curriculum designed for elementary aged kids (approximately grades 2-5 but will be adjustable for other ages). I will likely offer this free for a very limited time before asking a modest price-if this is something that interests you I suggest you subscribe to email updates so you can get it when it is free!! I hope to eventually create follow-on units exploring each specific area of home-ec (i.e. cooking, sewing/crafts, gardening, home repairs, etc) in more depth.

cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg Ultimate Homeschool Book Lists

The internet is FULL of amazing book lists for homeschoolers (or anyone who wants their children to read good books). I have been wanting to compile my own MEGA-list of excellent homeschool reading material. I thought you might be interested in that list as well. I will be compiling lists organized in two ways, by grade/age range and by subject. I will also have a list of parent resources. I will be reviewing the resources on my list as I have time and will link to the reviews as well as where to purchase each item. This list will include recommendations from a variety of sources as well as my own experience but will not be aimed at a specific education style or philosophy. Sign up for email updates to the right if you want to stay informed about when this is available!

cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg Crochet lessons/stitch-dictionary

As soon as I figure out how to get my camera to cooperate I will be publishing videos with crochet instructions. I will start with basic stitches and techniques and move on the more specialized lessons on things like thread crochet, amigurumi, and granny squares. This could even expand into video lessons of entire projects and/or crochet-alongs.

cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg Farm/Homestead Adventures

One of those major life events I mentioned at the beginning of this post is our move back to the United States. We have purchased an 1880s farm house on 1 acre and are excited to try our hand at homesteading. In the spring of 2017 I hope to acquire a few chickens, honey bees, and possibly rabbits (we are looking at both angora rabbits for fiber and meat rabbits). If things go well we may add a couple goats by the end of summer. Our plan is to raise all heritage breeds. I will document our adventures, experiences, and lessons here.

cropped-blue-flower-1.jpg New Historical Craft Website

A larger project I have been wanting to start is a completely different website/blog. This one will be specifically devoted to crafts from various historical periods. I will pick a craft, research it, and try it out. Then, I will share my research, material sources, trials, errors, and finished product with you! I will document the entire process, hopefully culminating in lessons and tutorials as well as the resources for you to try it yourself! While the new website will be separate from this blog there will likely be some overlap and I will definitely make an announcement here when the new site launches.

All of the above will be in addition to regular posts about life, parenting, and faith, including random projects, struggles, and lessons that I think others may benefit from. Another of my “major life changes” coming up is baby #5 joining our family in January. So, these projects will likely happen slowly and be spread out over the next year. Subscribe to my email list to be notified of these projects as well as regular blog happenings. Just use the form on the right to sign up-you will also get access to my current freebies as well as any future freebies.


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