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Welcome to the monthly discussion of A Life Giving Home! I hope you had a chance to read the February chapters in both the book and study guide. If not feel free to catch up and join the discussion later! If you don’t yet have the books click below to order them:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and link up


Update on Previous Goals:

January was all about planning and routines. I am still working to get my family back in our normal routines. As a matter of fact, that is a big part of my goal for March. So while it didn’t quite happen in January due to baby, and the expected disruption to schedules and routines that brings, I’m hoping it will start falling into place in March and I will be using many of the suggestions of routines Sally made in the January chapter.


In the Book:

The chapter opened with Sally describing a situation where her son wanted to share something special with her but in the normal busyness of motherhood she almost blew him off. She didn’t, and her reward was something truly special as well as a child with a full heart. Too often, I do blow off my kids when they are wanting my attention. This is certainly something I need to work on, prioritizing the important over the urgent! In this chapter, Sally describes what she loves about Valentines and how she makes it special for her family. I have never really been big on this holiday but I can see how I could use it to really pour into my family and show them how special they are.

I love Sally’s stop, look, and listen rules as well as her list of manners. She managed to encompass all of the important rules and habits that children need to learn into a short and simple list. The next section describes “ways to say I love you.” She takes The Five Love Languages and expands upon them a bit. These are great categories to keep in mind (and the 5 Love Languages book is a great resource to expand on these) and make sure you are doing for each of your family members on a regular basis. The rest of the chapter describes other ways Sally shows love to her friends, family, and others around her in practical ways.


In the Study Guide:

On the first page of this chapter in the study guide, Sally describes herself and her kids as a “tight-knit group.” This is really what I want for my own family when my kids are grown! She describes the “culture of love” that their family created and how it is similar to the environment Jesus created with his disciples. And how that is the same type of relationship Jesus wants with us.

I won’t get too into the At Home In The Word section but I will say the questions and verses about how powerful our words are really stood out to me. I am going to make a really big effort to speak positivity, love, live, and appreciation to and in front of my kids.

We didn’t get a chance to read or watch any of Sally’s suggestions this month. In March I’m going to be more intentional about this.


What I Tried:

Well once again having a baby made this all take a back burner. I’m hoping to be more on top of things next month. I did ponder love and how I’m showing love to my kids and how my words are affecting them and tried to be more intentional this month about showing love. Sally also mentioned birthdays and how she makes those special. This is something we have never really done well. We did have one birthday this month – luckily he turned two and was thrilled with cake! I am brainstorming ways to make birthdays more special and memorable. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments!!


My Thoughts and Going Forward:

Although I didn’t get to try as many of the suggestions as I would have liked this month I do have some ideas to carry into next month AND some ideas I am going to tuck away for next time February rolls around. In particular, I want to use Sally’s idea for the vase full of verses pertaining to love next February. I also will encourage my kids to make valentines for anyone they would like to share their love with – including each other – and will make that a bigger event for our family. I also would like to incorporate an idea I saw somewhere else where you write something special about your child on a heart each day from February 1st through Valentines and leave it somewhere for them to find. Next year I WILL do this!!

I plan to discuss Sally’s three rules and list of manners with my kids and make a simple poster to hang on the wall to remind us all to work on these specific behaviors. I also plan to re-read The Five Love Languages and be more intentional about making sure I’m doing each of those (plus the others Sally included) for each of my kids on a regular basis.



Looking Forward (March):

I’ve discovered that I need to plan for the month ahead BEFORE it gets here, so I’ve gone ahead and read March’s chapters and thought about what I plan to do. I will read them more thoroughly next week and will let you know the specifics of what I tried and how it went on the 25th. But, for accountability, I want to let you know what I’m planning now.

March is about beauty! Over the next couple of weeks, the kids and I are going to finish unpacking and organizing the house. During this, I will be intentional about finding simple ways to incorporate beauty in our home. This will include areas of physical beauty, relationships, music, food, and gardening. I will also be incorporating some of the routines mentioned in the January chapter to bring beauty to our interactions and rhythm of our days. I will share specifics with you and let you know how it went at the end of March!


Your Turn:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and linkup


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A Life Giving Home Discussion and Link-up

Next Month:

In the next week read through the March chapters of the book and study guide. Choose at least one suggestion from the book to try with your family. Join us here March 25th and share your thoughts from the chapter, what you tried, and what you plan to do going forward.

Want to read more from Sally? I am currently reading her new book written with her son, Nathan Clarkson, Different. I will be discussing it here on my blog when I am finished. Feel free to read along and join the discussion!


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