Featured Ministry Friday – Ekubo

Today’s featured ministry is Ekubo Ministries in Uganda. Ekubo Ministries is a Jesus-exalting and gospel-centered ministry working to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and socially develop different villages in Uganda, Africa. Their mission is to enable member communities through providing tools and resources that enable and promote sustainable development of the Christian Faith for the spiritual and material well-being of humanity at large.

Ekubo is run by my sweet friend Christie and her husband George. I have only met Christie online but we have communicated quite frequently and our family has given to their ministry for several years. Christie is one of the sweetest people I know. In the midst of everything she has going on with running a ministry, she frequently messages me on Facebook, at seemingly random times, to tell me she is praying for me. Of course, every time it happens there is something going on in my life that could really use prayers but she knows nothing about it.

Featured Ministry: Ekubo in Uganda, support the school and education initiatives.

Christie just recently flew back to the U.S. for some medical care. She would really like to see their school fully funded ASAP so that she can truly relax while she seeks the care and rest that she needs for her healing. The quicker she heals the sooner she can return to her work in Uganda. Knowing Christie, she won’t be able to really rest and recuperate until she knows the ministry is funded.

Education is not free in Uganda. Not only do students have to pay tuition to attend school, they also must purchase uniforms and supplies. If they are not able to do one of these things they are not allowed to go to school. $300 will fund one student for the year (the school year in Uganda follows the calendar year so we are still at the beginning). Last count there were still 300 students to sponsor. Can you make a one-time gift or commit to a monthly amount to help these kids get an education?

Everything helps so if you only have $20 or even $5 to give nothing is too small!! If everyone donates a little it will be covered in no time. Whether or not you can give, please keep my friend Christie, her health, her family, and their ministry in your prayers.

You can follow Ekubo on Facebook for updates on the ministry. You can also read ministry updates and find instructions to give on Christie’s blog. (Go back to the beginning and read her first few entries, her journey is amazing!)

You can give via PayPal or send a check or set up a bank draft to:

Ekubo Ministries
PO Box 2156
Alexander City, AL 35011

Mark your gift “Education Fund.”

You can also support the ministry by shopping on their Etsy shop.

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