Easter Traditions

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I don’t think we do Easter justice…..

I feel like Easter should be at least as big of a celebration as Christmas. Christmas is important because Jesus came, but Easter is essential, without the death and resurrection nothing would have been accomplished. I am still working on adding to our Easter Traditions to make this holiday a big celebration.

Here are a few things we do to celebrate Easter and make it fun and meaningful:


My kids can’t have food dye so coloring eggs can be tricky. We have come up with some solutions.

We paint wooden eggs and then use them as decorations.


Painted wooden eggs
Wooden eggs painted a by my children a couple years ago.

We make confetti eggs.

Blown out dyed and painted eggs
Blown out and painted eggs waiting for confetti.

To make confetti eggs we blow out any eggs we use during the month or two prior to Easter. To do this use the point of a knife to make a small hole in the top (smaller end) of the egg. Then use the knife to make a somewhat larger hole in the bottom (larger end) of the egg. Blow into the top hole to force the egg out through the bottom hole. Rinse the egg shell gently and let dry.

We then decorate the eggs, sometimes we use normal egg dye and sometimes we just paint them. BE VERY CAREFUL!! Then we fill with “confetti.” We don’t want to trash the areas where we use the eggs so we use birdseed, flower petals and biodegradable paper.

Finally, we cover the holes with small pieces of paper and thinned glue (just add some water to glue, or even better, make flour glue). Then we have fun confetti bombing each other!

We also paint some of the blown out eggs and run a ribbon through the holes to make decorations. I am hoping to get an egg tree this year to hang them on.

We hunt eggs.

When we do our egg hunt we include a set of Resurrection eggs. This is a great tool for sharing the Easter story in a way children can understand.

Resurrection eggs

Resurrection eggs

We also have the book Benjamin’s Box that goes along with the resurrection eggs.

Benjamin's Box book

Easter Cross

My kids’ favorite tradition is our Easter cross.

I have a metal cross that stands on its own. On good Friday I place it on our table with a black cloth draped around it. The black cloth symbolizes Jesus’ death. We encourage our kids to be solemn from Friday through Saturday night-of course with four small kids solemn and quiet are relative. We read about Jesus’s arrest, crucifixion and death during these days.

Cross in mourning

Then on Sunday the kids wake up to find the black cloth gone and the cross covered in flowers and draped in a white cloth to symbolize HIs resurrection.

Celebration cross

We also have a cross that hangs on our door that we do the same with. The kids love this and look forward to finding the flower covered cross on Easter morning.

Other Things:

We don’t really do the Easter Bunny but we do usually get the kids some candy and small gifts, usually a Veggie Tales movie or devotional book or something along those lines.

Here are some of our Easter themed items that have been given in the past:

Buck Denver and Friends Present Why Do We Celebrate Easter? (Curriculum)
The Easter Carol Veggie Tales DVD
The Parable of the Lily Book by Liz Curtis Higgs

  IMG_2806 The Parable of The Lily book

I hope these ideas can inspire you and encourage you to develop your own Easter tradition and make it a special celebration in your own home.

Do you have any great Easter tradition? Share them in the comments! I would love to get some new ideas to add to our traditions! 


  1. Great ideas, Sabrina. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is our Easter Sunday brunch and egg hunt at church after the Easter service. My kids, and now my grandkids, always look forward to it. Then we head over to my house for an afternoon of family time.

  2. Love your ideas! Have you ever done Resurrection Cookies or Rolls with your kids? We have done those before. It’s a neat experience. I’m sure you can Google the recipe.

    • I would love to do that but my kids have gluten sensitivities. I wonder if the GF flour mixes would work? I may try or see if I can find a GF recipe for them. They do sound fun!

  3. So fun! My family didn’t make a big to do about Easter growing up. We went to church and had an egg hunt there. However, my mother in law loves Easter and every year puts together a beautiful basket for each couple. I love their traditions. Yours seem wonderful too!

    • Thank you! I would love to know more about what your mother-in-law does! Every year I try to be more intentional about starting more traditions. I would like my kids to remember Easter as a big deal and exciting time just like Christmas but for the last few years it has been a really busy time for us. I need to make a list and implement it like I do for Christmas!

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