Dear Homeschool Mom….. IT IS OK!

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Encouragement for the homeschool mom you are doing ok!


Dear Homeschool Mom,

It is OK.

It is OK if….

…the kids spend all day in their pajamas.

…you don’t “homeschool” your 2-year-old (or 3, or 4, or 5….year-old).

…you give them cereal for supper from time to time.

…you lose your patience sometimes.

…you change your mind about curriculum….again.

…you drop everything and put them in front of educational shows for the day (week, month….).

…you don’t feel like you know what you are doing yet. It will come….or not.

…your schedule doesn’t look like the public school’s. If doing school on Saturday, or in July when it is 100 degrees, or at 8pm, is what works for your family, make the most of that July Saturday night!!!

…you need a large stash of chocolate.

It is OK if….

…you don’t attend every event you’re are invited to.

…you don’t volunteer or contribute to outside things as much as others think you should.

…your kids play outside all day on the first nice spring day and you call it PE.

…you count grocery shopping and cooking as home-ec.

…you don’t have a dedicated school room.

…your homeschool doesn’t look like public school.

…you go to co-op just so YOU can get some socialization.

…you never go to co-op.

…you only “do school” 4 days a week (or 3 – you really are ALWAYS doing school).

It is OK if….

…you need to vent to your best friend because they are driving you crazy. Hopefully, she homeschools too so she will understand!

…your kids actually look like “weird, unsocialized, homeschoolers.”

…you homeschool in the car/at the office/at the park or wherever.

…you don’t read out loud to them as often as you think you should (but do try!).

…you need a large stash of coffee or tea.

…you hate the curriculum everyone else is using.

…your kids aren’t in the exact same place or on the exact same level as their public school peers.

It is ok….

…to be proud of homeschooling and know it is right for your family.

…to blow off the naysayers, or even to tell them it isn’t up for discussion.

…to do things differently.

…to embrace the freedom that homeschooling allows!!



Encouragement for the homeschool mom you are doing ok!


**DISCLAIMER: some states have specific laws about the days, months, hours in which you should homeschool. Always follow your state laws but know that it is ok to adjust to what works for you within those regulations.

I am not telling you to neglect your kids’ educations but I want you to know that if you adjust in ways that work for you during certain seasons or in difficult circumstances, or because you and your kids need a break that is OK. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to do your best!

What do you want homeschool moms to know is OK? Share some encouragement in the comments!


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