Cute DIY Tea Wreath

I like hot tea. I generally drink chai but I love to have a variety of tea for guests or when I just feel like having something different. However, a bunch of boxes of tea in my cabinet is not very pretty and it isn’t a great way to display options for guests. I found a few suggestions on how to make a wreath for your tea but I didn’t love any of them so I came up with my own method.



All you need is:

A wire wreath frame
A selection of tea packs

You could also incorporate paint, ribbon, glitter or other decorations but that is not required.

The instructions are simple: Clip the clothes pins to the wreath and stick the tea packs on! You can put clothespins going out and into the middle or just around the outside.

Here is what it looks like with tea in the middle:

diy tea wreath double layer


You can paint and/or decorate the clothespins if you want. You could run a ribbon through the wires. But the wreath looks great with simple, plain clothespins and tea.

You could use the same concept to display cards, seed packets, pictures (although it may mess up the pictures) or anything else you can think of! I’m going to make some with clothespins painted red and green for Christmas cards and to display our Advent study ornaments.

Watch the video below for a visual on how to make this cute, easy craft!!




What do you think? Super easy right? If you try this let me know in the comments. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel for upcoming tutorials, reviews, and more!!


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