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CompuScholar, Inc.

In today’s world having excellent computer skills is absolutely essentials. My kids occasionally play games on the computer and use it for a few school lessons but overall I try to minimize computer use however, it IS important that they learn to proficiently use a computer.  I was excited to find the Digital Savvy course by CompuScholar, Inc. specifically designed to teach the most important computer skills. My 11-year-old has been enjoying this class and I’m thrilled with what she is learning.

Digital Savvy is a basic computer course that is made up of 25 chapters covering a wide variety of basic computer skills. Each chapter has 3 to 5 lessons, an application activity, and a chapter test. Each lesson includes video, text, and a quiz to assess understanding of the topic. If you do one lesson a day you will generally be able to cover a chapter a week. We only do “table work” three days a week so some chapters took more than a week for my daughter to complete but most could still be done in a week.

CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy

The computer skills covered include:

  • Fundamentals of computer hardware and software
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Files
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Networks
  • Search Engines
  • Security
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet Programs
  • Presentation Programs
  • Database Technology
  • Project Management and Teamwork
  • Digital Images
  • Internet Communications
  • Social Media
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Web Page Design
  • Web links, Images, and Animation
  • Programming Concepts
  • Digital Logic
  • Careers and Professional Skills

There is a midterm project at Chapter 14 and a final project at the end. There is also a supplemental lesson on computer number systems.

This class is designed for those with very little computer knowledge or experience and is very easy to use. If you have any difficulties their technical support is available and they are very prompt and friendly.

When you sign up for a course you will get a student account and a teacher account. The teacher account gives you access to a grade book for each student, the course content, teacher guides, and answer keys. This allows you to check your student’s grades from your own account and manage multiple students and classes.

Digital Savvy by CompuScholar Inc review, homeschool computer course

We are really enjoying this course. My daughter says it is very interesting and she likes understanding the computer better and learning the different things she can do with it. The course is well organized and easy to use and requires very little planning or preparation on my part – which I greatly appreciate. All I have to do is make sure she did her lesson and check the grade. She is able to complete the lessons completely independently. She does occasionally need my guidance on activities but it isn’t anything difficult or time-consuming.

CompuScholar, Inc. was formerly known as Homeschool Programming Inc and have rebranded to offer the same great computer, programming, and web design classes to more students. They now have options for public and private schools as well as homeschool families and individuals. They also offer a monthly subscription option in addition to their annual option.

CompuScholar, Inc.

I plan to use this course again with my younger children when they are ready for it. It is a wonderful beginner computer class. This course introduces the ideas of programming and web design; if my daughter expresses any interest in learning more about either of those I will enroll her in one of those courses from CompuScholar, Inc. as well since I know they are well-designed classes.

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