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I am preparing a video series of crochet tutorials. I know there are countless crochet how to books, videos, and classes out there but I have a hunch some of you have tried to learn and haven’t found much success. I’d like to help you!

To do that I need to find out what made other crochet tutorials difficult to understand so I can try to avoid those issues and create easier to understand lessons.

My lessons will be video lessons available on YouTube.

Please fill out this survey (or you can fill it out below without leaving this page) to let me know what you would like to learn, what hasn’t worked for you in the past and why you think that was difficult. Then I will do my best to create a tutorial that is easy to follow and understand!

Remember to follow me on Ravelry as well (hopefully I will get a chance to upload pictures of my recent projects soon) and on YouTube so you will be notified when the tutorials are available.

In other news…

I am planning to jump on Periscope at least twice a week, these will be on all sorts of subjects possibly including crochet. This will be especially useful for very specific questions or problems people may have. Make sure you have followed me @sabrinascheerer on Periscope (or on Twitter which will also notify you of my scopes and you can watch online if you don’t have the app).

Remember to complete the survey below!
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