Circle C Stepping Stones Review

We are so glad we got the opportunity to review Andi Saddles Up and Andi Under the Big Top from the new Circle C Stepping Stones written by Susan K. Marlow and published by Kregel Publications.

Fun wholesome old west themed books for kids ages 7-10 about faith and family, optional English curriculum unit study available.

The Circle C series consists of books on 4 different reading levels. Circle C Stepping Stones are the second level, geared toward children ages 7-10. In these stories, Andi is 9-year-old and just gaining some independence. The stories take place on her family’s ranch in the late 1800s. These books were perfect for my daughter’s reading level and were stories she could relate to. Like many girls her age, she is going through a “horse phase” so she was instantly drawn to the story of a girl and her horse.

While my daughter could read everything in the books it was sllooooow reading so we alternated with me reading a bit and her reading a bit. Sometimes my older daughter read with her. After reading a bit of one of the books my 11-year-old asked if she could read them. They are definitely very easy for her but I don’t discourage reading! She wants me to get the Circle C Adventures and Milestones for her now.

Andi Saddles Up


Andi Saddles Up

In this book, Andi learns several lessons. She learns the hard way why obeying is important. She also makes a new friend and watches as a family feud is resolved. There are several things in this story that can spark family discussions on important relational and social issues (I don’t want to say too much and give anything away!).

Andi Under the Big Top


Andi Under the Big Top

The Circus comes to Andi’s town! In this second book in the Circle C Stepping Stones series Andi learns important lessons about faith, patience, contentment, and forgiveness. The main lesson is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Like the first book, there are many opportunities for the book to spark family discussions on a variety of issues.

Study Guides

There are free downloadable study guides available for all of the Andi books. You can find them on the order page for each book on the publisher’s website. There are also lap books corresponding to each book available for purchase on the author’s website for the series. These resources allow you to make an entire unit study out of each book. The study guides and lap books contain lessons on history, geography, math, language arts, character studies, crafts, and music.

Fun wholesome old west themed books for kids ages 7-10 about faith and family, optional English curriculum unit study available.

We really enjoyed these books and will be looking forward to the rest of the Circle C Stepping Stones series as well as exploring the other Circle C books available. We did not use the study guide/lesson plans during this review but I am considering using them this summer for our school. They cover many subjects with fun activities based on the story and would be a great way to change things up a bit in our school.

Other Circle C Books

Susan K. Marlow has written 3 other series based on the story of Andi and the Circle C Ranch.

Circle C Beginnings, for children ages 6-9, starts the series with Andi and her baby horse and are written for beginning readers.

Circle C Adventures picks up where Circle C Stepping Stones leave off with 12-year-old Andi.

Circle C Milestones is the final series with a more advanced reading level and Andi nearing adulthood and finding her dreams.

Susan K. Marlow has also written a book for 8-12-year-old boys about 12-year-old Jem’s adventures during the gold rush as well as a workbook for budding writers in grades 4-8.

 Fun wholesome old west themed books for kids ages 7-10 about faith and family, optional English curriculum unit study available.

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Have you read any of the Circle C books? Do you plan to? Share your thoughts in the comments! 


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