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Over the last few months, the kids and I have discovered that we really enjoy audio dramas. We had not heard of Brinkman Adventures until we were introduced to their missionary stories when we received Brinkman Adventures Season 4 to review.

Brinkman Adventures

The Brinkman family is a large family (I’m pretty sure I counted eight children but it was a little hard to keep up) who are involved in missions around the world and seem to be prone to adventure, even when not looking for one. The family and the stories in the audio drama are heavily based on the family and experiences of the creators who are also a large missionary family. Not all of the stories or all parts of every story are true but there are generally some true elements throughout the dramas. You can find information about the real-life stories on the Brinkman Adventures website!

Brinkman Adventures

Season 4 begins at camp and ends with a wedding. In between, you visit a prison in Russia, houseboats in Cambodia, as well as the Congo, Zambia, and the Middle East. There is danger, excitement, fear, faith, salvation, and plenty of lessons to be learned. There are 12 episodes and each episode is about 25 minutes long. Most episodes include a story of a modern-day missionary and all of the episodes contain at least one important lesson to be learned. Some of the episodes are intense; the struggles of Christians in certain parts of the world, as well as the societal issues the missionaries encounter, are not sugar-coated. There is a warning at the beginning of the more intense episodes that parents should listen with their children, and everything is presented in a way that is sensitive to the audience and not overly upsetting.

I received the season as a download but it is also available on CD. I had intended to listen to them in the car; the 25-minute length of each episode makes them perfect for listening to while running errands or going to our normal activities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the audios to sync up to my phone for some reason (my own technological ignorance I’m sure, no fault of the files themselves) so we listened to them during quiet time in the living room instead. My children loved them and would easily listen to several at a time. Even my 2-year-old listened and my 5-year-old was able to follow the stories. My 12 and 8-year-olds also really enjoyed them, as did I. I especially appreciated the practical life lessons that were woven into the stories such as the importance of finishing a job and doing it correctly in the “War of the Raccoons” episode (#44) and the need to listen, pay attention, and think about how your actions affect others presented in “Cambodian Quest” (#47). My favorite story was “Aisha’s Fear” (#39) because it was such an inspiring story of God’s love reaching into what appears to be an impossible situation and changing the most unlikely person in such a dramatic way. 

Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Christian missionary audio drama

Starting with the Brinkman Adventures Season 4 without having listened to the previous seasons did leave us without the backstories of the characters and we had to pay close attention to figure out who everyone was but it wasn’t too hard to get up to speed on the family dynamics. I will definitely be purchasing the other seasons of the Brinkman Adventures for my family. I will probably get them on CD so that it is a bit easier to listen in the car. I love these for running errands around town, especially if the kids will be doing a lot of waiting. These are definitely enjoyable for the whole family!

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