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I have just recently reached the stage where I have multiple kids involved in different activities. This is a whole new ballgame and sometimes I feel like I’m running around like a crazy person!! The struggle to balance giving your kids lots of opportunities to explore and learn new things and having enough down time at home is real! Here is a little about what we do and at the end I’ll put my current guidelines for trying to maintain sanity!

Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities

Classical Conversations – I mentioned this in my curriculum post, this is our weekly (during the school year) homeschool group. Coop isn’t exactly the right term for it but in overly simple terms we get together weekly with other homeschoolers for a community school day.

Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities

American Heritage Girls – My girls have done AHG through the Trailblazer program for the last three years (Trailblazer is for girls who do not live close enough to an existing troop to attend). It has been a great experience but we all definitely felt like we were missing a little something not being part of a troop. We are joining a real troop this year and are very excited about it! It is a bit of a commute but not too bad.

Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities

Trail Life – My son has been asking to do scouts too and the church that hosts AHG also hosts Trail Life at the same time so it will work out wonderfully. They even have a scout program for preschoolers so all of my kids except the baby will have something to do during that time.

Both of the above scout programs are Christ-centered scouting opportunities.

4-H – We started 4-H last year when we arrived in Kansas but we really didn’t get it at all so we pretty much let it just fall off our plate. That was probably best for the first part of this year but after attending the county fair my kids are really looking forward to going back to 4-H and actually doing projects this year. We will see how that goes. Three of my kids will be actively involved in 4-H this year.

AWANA – We LOVE AWANA. We have been involved in AWANA for about six years now. We use the AWANA work as our homeschool Bible class. This year I will have a child in every level of AWANA except Journey. Our church offers Puggles for volunteer children and I will be volunteering so again everyone will be involved!

Tae Kwan Do – My oldest son is currently in Tae Kwan Do a couple days a week. He is really enjoying it and I’m enjoying the confidence and challenge it is giving him. My second son will probably start at the beginning of next year. The girls are interested in it as well but for right now they aren’t involved.

Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities

Baton Twirling – My girls are doing competitive baton twirling. The benefit of this is that I am their coach so it doesn’t involve going somewhere weekly! Of course, the competitions require travel but that is mostly during a specific season.

Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities

That is what my kids are currently involved in. There are many more activities they would like to try out but for now, this feels like enough. We will see how it goes throughout the year.

I am definitely still figuring out how to balance our time and the right amount of outside activities for our family but here are a few guidelines I’ve put in place:

  • The more family members who can participate in the activity the higher it is on the priority list.
  • We must have one full day a week at home.
  • We will only schedule activities one to two Saturdays a month.
  • We can’t be out in the mornings more than one day a week in addition to our CC day.


Back to HomeSchool extracurricular activities


What outside activities does your family participate in? How do you prevent outside activities from taking over your family? Share in the comments!!

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