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Welcome to the monthly discussion of A Life Giving Home! I hope you had a chance to read the March chapters in both the book and study guide. If not feel free to catch up and join the discussion later! If you don’t yet have the books click below to order them:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and link up


Update on Previous Goals:

We are finally starting to fall into a decent routine. It seems like things have been constantly changing since we moved. Babies, visitors, extra activities, and activities ending and beginning keep interrupting our routines. That is still happening and will continue to happen as we approach summer but at least our core “at home” routine is down and can take the interruptions a little better. Now we are focusing on diligence and obedience and actually getting chores and school done when it is time for those.

We have continued to work on our property and the beauty outside. I still need to work on organizing and beautifying our inside environment; I’m hoping to make progress on that this month. I have updates coming up with more details about our projects around here.

We found a state park where we can go on nature walks and hikes. In fact, we were able to go on a “fossil hunt” there and discovered a lovely little alcove the creek runs through.

I still (STILL) need to discuss Sally’s three rules and her list of manners with my kids and incorporate those into our behavior expectations. I just haven’t had a chance to do that but I hope to this month.

I did manage to try out the Sunday tea-time idea. It didn’t really go all that well the first time but my kids loved the idea and we will continue to try it.


In the Book:

April is about the heritage of faith and passing on that heritage to your children. It likens faith to a pilgrimage and home to a training center for the journey. Sarah describes what Sally and Clay did in their home to prepare children for the journey including daily family devotions, teaching children to have their own quiet time, nurturing their souls by surrounding them with good music and beautiful art, and celebrating the holidays and seasonal traditions that are part of the Christian faith. She explains that all of these build up children so that when they are grown they are strong enough for their own journey.


In the Study Guide:

This month Sally focuses on Mom’s relationship with God and how that is critical for being able to lead your children well by words and example. She gives several ideas to help busy moms find time to have quiet time during different seasons and life circumstances. This is always a challenging thing for moms with little children but Sally has some geat ideas in this section of the study guide.


What I Tried:

April was sort of a disaster in my house. The kids and I are still going through a major transition and my health is not at its best (I’m working on that). We spend the month just trying to get back on a basic school schedule and I didn’t manage to add in Our 24 Family Ways or Pilgrim’s Progress like I had hoped. It is still on my list of things to do and hopefully, I can incorporate them in May. We ended up not really doing anything special for Easter either which I hate but we were more or less in survival mode. We went to church of course but that was pretty much it.

For my own time with God, I am reading through the Bible chronologically. I hope to start a more in-depth study soon but for now, my daily reading is keeping me sustained.


My Thoughts and Going Forward:

I still plan to start Our 24 Family Ways or Pilgrim’s Progress with my children as we continue to work on our routines and rhythms for the day. As I said before, I would like to begin a more in-depth study and hope to be able to do that soon. I will also continue working on the beauty of our environment and adding in music and art to inspire my kids.


Looking Forward (May):

The May chapter is about Days To Commemorate. Sally specifically discusses graduation, weddings and babies. She also talks about how they recognize and celebrate accomplishments when children preform (and gives some ideas on worthwhile endeavors in this area). This is something I struggle with- I am not that great at party planning. I like the ideas of celebrating better and will be digging into how I can incorporate this into our family. Come back in May to see what I tried or plan to try!


Your Turn:

Share your thoughts on the April Chapters of The Life Giving Home and The Life Giving Home Experience. You have 3 ways to share:

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A Life Giving Home book discussion and linkup


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A Life Giving Home Discussion and Link-up


Next Month:

In the next week read through the May chapters of the book and study guide. Choose at least one suggestion from the book to try with your family. Join us here May 27th and share your thoughts from the chapter, what you tried, and what you plan to do going forward.

Want to read more from Sally? I am currently reading her new book written with her son, Nathan Clarkson, Different. (Yep, I’m still working on it!) I will be discussing it here on my blog when I am finished. Feel free to read along and join the discussion!

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