Accountable Kids Chore and Behavior System Review

 accountable kids review

I have been using the Accountable Kids program for over a year now. After trying several different chore tracking and behavior modification methods with little or no success this was a wonderful find.

The system consists of a peg board (which is attractive enough to hang anywhere in your home) with your child’s name on it. There are different types of cards that go on the board.

The included chore cards can be sorted by the time of day the child should do the chores (there are also cards for schoolwork that can be used for homework or specific subjects for homeschoolers). Children must earn tickets by completing the chores and then use them to get certain privileges. Then there are additional reward cards that can be used for other special rewards.

There are many components to this system so it is best to phase them in a few at a time. We purchased the Basic Package which includes one board and set of cards plus the book and DVD to tell you exactly how to use the system.

We then purchased the Accountable Kid Kit (board and cards) for each additional kid, plus we bought a mini board to hold the extra cards. I HIGHLY recommend getting the mini board, it is much easier to keep up with the various cards this way.

Accountable kids setupAccountable Kids cards

The DVD and book that come with the basic set are essential to getting off to a good start with this system and understanding how to use all of the components.

I also purchased extra blank chore cards. Each set of cards comes with a few blank cards but I wanted to make sure I had plenty to customize this just how I wanted it.

This system has worked very well for my family when nothing else has. It has worked for keeping my oldest, who is generally good about following directions, on track with her chores. It has helped my second to do chores with less of a battle. It has helped my third learn to do chores along with the rest of the family. It has also helped reduce media time because tickets must be used for a certain number of minutes.

On a Scale of 1-5, 5 being the best I give this system a 5+ BUT you must keep a couple things in mind:

  1. Parent Consistency is CRITICAL.
  2. There is a learning curve; be prepared for it to take some time for everyone to catch onto the system.


Accountable kids chore chart and behavior system, saving our family's sanity!


The biggest factor I’ve found in making this system work is consistency. If I am consistent it works very well but if I let them have their privileges without a ticket, or forget to check their chores and am inconsistent about awarding tickets, or give tickets when chores haven’t been done to standard or when complaining happened during chore time then it stops working well. So be warned, if you want this system to work YOU must be consistent about implementing it.

All of that said, the folks at Accountable Kids have done everything they can to support parents in working this program. They have videos, FAQs, and even a Facebook group to help you make it work.

See the video below for more specifics about how this system is set up. It is easier to show you visually. I show you exactly how it is set up in our house and what all the components are.

I may receive a small gift card from Accountable Kids for writing this review. I have not received it in advance of the writing. The opinions are mine alone. I only recommend products I use or have used and truly believe in.


  1. Thank you for the review! We are considering this program so it’s nice to hear your experiences. Are you still using this system? Would you mind sharing the papers that show you what the tickets can be used for/get taken away for/etc.?

    • Thanks for visiting! I am not currently using this system but only because my two year old has decided it is a lot of fun to push a chair up to the wall our boards are on and rip down all of the tickets!! We are still working on figuring out a way to do the basic concept without the tickets he can scatter everywhere. I will look into uploading my docs but it changes depending on what is currently motivating my kids and what behavior issues we are struggling with the most.

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