About me

Welcome to my blog!! My heart’s desire is to strengthen and encourage moms. To help you find your way on this journey. To help you find a path of joy, peace and fulfillment where you can thrive. I am still finding my way, join me and we will find it together.

“If you want to go fast….go alone. If you want to go far….go together.”   – African Proverb

I am many things. The (homeschooling) mother of four beautiful and rambunctious children. The wife of a soldier. A natural living enthusiast. A foodie, out of necessity, who doesn’t like to cook. An artist, creator, thinker, and visionary. And, most importantly, a follower of Jesus.  I write, I paint, I sew, I crochet, I craft, I parent, I serve, I read, I pray.

This blog is my life and ramblings. It is about parenting, homeschooling, creative pursuits, and natural living but it is also about life and love and seeking God. You will find tips, resources, recipes, thoughts, crafts, projects, lessons and more.

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My desire is to serve you by encouraging you to become the best mom you can be. As we care for our children there are three areas of well-being that I believe we need to consider. However, being the best mom you can be also means taking care of YOURSELF and in doing so you must pay attention to these same areas in YOU as well. These three areas are spiritual, mental, and physical. To ignore any one of those is not strengthening the WHOLE person. I discuss each area and give you ideas and resources for nurturing and strengthening those areas in your own life as well as the lives of your children.

This blog is a positive place. There is enough negativity, complaining and mud-slinging elsewhere on the internet. While not everyone will agree with what I write here and there may, at times, be something I feel I need to speak out against, I make every effort to focus my posts on the positive. Let this be a refuge from the nastiness that seems to be rampant on social media today.

Pour a cup of tea and pull up a chair and take a deep breath! Join this community of supportive and joyful moms and let yourself relax and unwind!