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This is part two of my post from yesterday about how to homeschool with a large family/baby/toddler/pregnancy or other challenge. If you didn’t read that post you may want to read it first.

I’m going to share our schedule but keep a few things in mind: This is more of a loose framework for our day that changes as needed. It is also a picture of an ideal day when we have nothing to do outside the house. Of course, when we have outside activities the schedule must be adjusted. Having this basic framework gives us enough structure for our days to keep us on track while still being flexible for spontaneous field trips, meetings with friends, or general errands that need to be run.

Our daily homeschool schedule/routine

6 am (ok this is really just a goal of mine that I have yet to achieve!) Mom gets up, showers and has tea and quiet time.

7 am Kids wake up, get dressed, do morning chores and eat breakfast.

Morning chores include making beds, brushing teeth, feeding animals, cleaning up after breakfast and washing dishes.

8 am We start our school day.

First, circle time with everyone which includes:

Devotional and/or character study- we have been using We Choose Virtues up until a couple weeks ago. Currently, we are doing Our 24 Family Ways for both devotion and character study.

Reviewing Classical Conversations memory work

Poetry Study (we are using Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization from IEW)

Next, the children start their table work and I help them one-on-one as needed.

I start with my kindergartener. We do phonograms and AWANA then I help him get started with Explode the Code and leave him to finish his table work by himself. He also draws a map for geography and works on handwriting.

Next, I help my 2nd grader. We do AWANA and Language Arts. Then she continues her individual work which includes map drawing, handwriting and Explode the Code. She also works on Math-U-See; she watches the video herself and does the worksheets. I help if she needs it but she usually doesn’t.

Finally, I will check with my 6th grader and see if she needs anything. We will go over her AWANA verses but she does most of her work by herself. Her work includes an IEW assignment from a History-Based Writing Lesson book, geography mapping, handwriting, an Essentials of the English Language lesson (which includes copying grammar charts and diagramming sentences), a Fix-It Grammar lesson, and a Teaching Textbooks math lesson.

Everyone but my oldest usually finishes their school before 11. When they are finished they are allowed to play quietly in another room.

11 am Baton Twirling lesson

This is when we take a break. The little boys play outside while I give the girls a baton lesson (sometimes the boys participate in the lesson).

11:30 am Afternoon chores.

Clean up school stuff that is still out. Fold laundry. Prepare lunch. Do animal chores.

12 pm Lunch then lunch clean up (clean table and floors and wash dishes).

There is usually a little free time after lunch before the toddler starts his nap.

1 pm nap for littles. (This is when I usually start working)

During nap time the older three kids do science projects, history notebooking, art, and/or language studies. These are all things that work best when there is no chance of a toddler getting into their space. I have science, history, and art on a loop schedule.

When they have finished their project for the day they choose a quiet activity. Sometimes my oldest still has other assignments to finish. They can read, nap, or do something else quietly.

3 pm (this is when most of my work gets done) Free play time until….

5 pm Evening chores: Pick up toys, shoes, etc from all rooms, sweep mudroom, feed animals and wash up for dinner.

6 pm Supper and family time. (I’m working on adding read-aloud time in here)

7 pm Baths

7:30-8:30pm Bedtimes (staggered)

Our daily homeschool schedule/routine

That is a basic idea of how our days look – or at least how I try to make them look! We don’t usually manage to do everything every day. In fact, no two days look the same but having a schedule helps us get some things done. Through all of this the baby is napping or being held and the toddler is playing or coloring or doing whatever the rest of us are doing.

This post is long enough so I will save explaining our curriculum and how I keep most of my kids doing the same or very similar things for another post in the next couple of weeks!

Do you have a daily schedule or routine that works well for oyur family? Tell us about it in the comments!


This post is part of the Homeschool Review Crew’s Many Ways to Homeschool Many round up!

Many Ways to Homeschool Many


    • Haha that is a fair question!! Mostly because I did it as a kid and they wanted to and I’m able to teach them for now. They are actually entering competitions this year. It is in our schedule because otherwise we will never get around to it!

      Thanks for sharing yours!

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