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How do I make and keep Christ the center of our homeschool? I’ve been pondering this question for a couple weeks in preparation for the Homeschool Review Crew roundup (post will be live Friday 2/10/17) on this topic.


How I keep Christ the center of our homeschool.


Surprisingly, while I know we DO make Christ the center of our school, I have had trouble putting HOW we do that into writing. Here is my attempt:

1. Our “spine” is Classical Conversations. CC’s mission is “to know God and to make Him known” and their curriculum is specifically written to put God at the center and to show the relationships between all of the subjects and between God and each academic subject.

2. We participate in a local AWANA club and use the memory work, stories, and activities as our Bible curriculum. Since we study a verse every day that we do school, my kids generally memorize around 4 verses a week and get through their books very quickly. We then utilize the extra credit cards to learn even more verses. This results in my kids memorizing around 36 verses a year for the younger kids and around 64 verses a year for the older – that is a lot of scripture in their brains! 

3. We also often incorporate other devotionals or scripture based studies into our school day such as We Choose Virtues and Our 24 Family Ways. I hope to start using this Pilgrim’s Progress study for an evening devotional. 

4. We use Apologia Exploring Creation science series which approaches everything with a Christian worldview.

5. My girls participate in American Heritage Girls which is a scout program with a Christian perspective (anyone is welcome and the badges pertaining to religion are not required but it is based on Christian beliefs and values). Right now we participate as “Trailblazers” since we do not have a local group but are hoping to start a group in our area soon. When my sons are old enough for scouts I hope we have a local Trail Life program for them.

6. Our family is very service oriented and involve our children in various projects and activities to benefit others, both locally and around the world.

7. We also keep Christ the center of our home in general by committing to church attendance and involvement, praying at meals, and monitoring books and media to make sure it is in line with our values. The most important thing parents can do to have a Christ-centered home is to set the example and have a Christ-centered life yourself. The second most important thing is to communicate with your children and discuss spiritual things and incorporate that into every aspect of daily life.

This doesn’t cover everything we do in school, some of our curriculum – like math – isn’t specifically Christian but I think the things we are doing are effective at keeping our focus on Christ and teaching our children to follow Him.


How I keep Christ the center of our homeschool.


Working on this post made me wonder if my kids were really “getting it.” So I asked them how we make Christ the center of our homeschool. My oldest said “CC and AWANA” and my second said “AWANA.” I asked my oldest how she thinks CC helps us be Christ-centered and she said “isn’t that the whole point of CC” so I think they are at least starting to get it!


How do you keep Christ the center of your homeschool or family in general? I am always open to new ideas so please share in the comments!


This post is part of The Homeschool Review Crew Making Crist The Center of School Roundup (links live Fri 2/10/17).

Making Christ the Center of School


  1. I don’t homeschool, but as a Christian mother, it’s important to share God without children on a daily basis. I do this by sending our children to Awana and by praying and reading Gods word every day with the kids.

    • Yes, absolutely! Most of the things I mentioned really apply to any Christian family no matter how you school. AWANA is such a great program for this too!

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