5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #5

Wow! We made it!! We are on our last tip in our series of “Ideas For Your Best Christmas!” If you have not read the first four ideas for making your Christmas more pleasant, peaceful and focusing on Christ and family here are the links:


1. Finish all your shopping before Thanksgiving.
2. Limit gifts for your kids to three presents each.
3. Simplify and limit gift giving outside of your immediate family.
4. Give homemade gifts.


Now here we are, the last tip! #5


Be intentional about how you spend this season.


Since we are done with the shopping and planning before Thanksgiving we are able to very intentionally spend Thanksgiving to Jan 6th (Three Kings Day) enjoying each other and celebrating Jesus’ birth. During this season we make a point to focus on three things:


The reason for the season. We discuss his birth, life, and resurrection. Many of our traditions are specifically to keep the focus on Jesus during this time. Every day we do something to keep our focus on the central reason we celebrate.



We really make a point to think of and bring joy to others. This includes people around us like our neighbors and friends and those-locally and globally-who do not have as much as we do and what we can do to make their season a bit brighter. We incorporate many opportunities to bless our neighbors, spend time with our friends and give to those less fortunate during this time. Focusing on doing this because of the amazing gift Christ was to us.



We spend time together, celebrate together and create traditions that unite our family. We strive to create wonderful memories of this time for our children. Focusing on Jesus and others happens WITH our children and as a family, teaching these values to our children and bringing us all closer together.


I spend a lot of time planning and implementing traditions to enforce these desires for the Christmas season. I want to spend this time intentionally making memories and focusing on what is important rather than letting it rush by me.


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View my periscope recording below of the discussion of tips #4 and #5!

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