5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #4

We have been discussing how to have the best Christmas possible. A Christmas focusing on Christ and family. So far I have shared 3 or my 5 tips. If you have no read the first three you can do so here:


1. Finish all your shopping before Thanksgiving.
2. Limit gifts for your kids to three presents each.
3. Simplify and limit your gift giving.


Now it is time for tip #4:


Give homemade gifts.


My homemade gifts aren’t always completed by Thanksgiving but the list is made and supplies are ordered by then. I love making things and I feel like they are more meaningful gifts with my love (and sometimes blood and sweat!) mixed in.


Usually at least one or two of each kid’s gifts are homemade. This year they are getting handmade dolls, dress up clothes, doll clothes, hats, gloves, scarves and boot cuffs all made by me.


I have on occasion also made grandparents an ornament or some other small thing to go with their photobooks.


I also try to make anything needed for gift exchanges or other situations where a small gift is needed. My crocheted ornaments are one of my go to gifts!

patterns courtesy of snowcatcher.net
patterns courtesy of snowcatcher.net


Even if you don’t think you are crafty there are lots of things that are simple to put together! Two that come immediately to mind are mixes in a jar or frozen cookie dough! You could also put together “mommy relaxation kits” or “teacher survival kits” for someone on your list. Pintrest has plenty of ideas (but don’t get lost on there and forget to actually do them).
Remember to keep it simple and minimal like we discussed in tips 2 and 3 but making gifts can be a wonderful way to go. Personally I find the act of making them to help me focus on the relationship and pray for that person and really get in the frame of mind I want to be in during this season!


Want to chat more about this idea? Leave a comment and let me know what presents you have made!


You can view my periscope recording about tips #4 and #5 on the post for #5. 


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