5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #3

We are right in the middle of our 5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas series! Our goal is to have a Christmas with more peace, more joy and more focus on Christ.


If you haven’t read the first two posts in this series please go do so-you will get the most out of it by reading them all!
1. Finish your shopping before Thanksgiving.
2. Limit gifts for your kids to three presents each.


Now for tip #3:


Simplify and limit gift giving outside of your immediate family.


Family presents are my exception to the “before Thanksgiving” rule. We don’t exchange with lots of extended family. But I do get each grandparent and great-grandparent a photo book. These books are made and ordered right after Thanksgiving so they can include as much of the year as possible. They go from Christmas the previous year until Thanksgiving of the current year and I squeeze as many pictures into the size book that fits my budget as I can!


If I really wanted to be strict about my before Thanksgiving rule I could have this completely done by then and just add in the new pictures and finish it up after but I’m just not that on top of things!


While it does take time to get these put together, the actual gift is already planned so it doesn’t cause the stress of searching for the right gift for everyone. It is also a meaningful gift, the grandparents love getting all the pictures of the kids and having it all put together neatly. So far everyone seems very happy with this arrangement.


For the most part we don’t exchange with aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews etc. Our families are relatively large and this would be a drain on everyone involved. We are also spread out and would not be able to get gifts that are truly meaningful for each individual.


We also don’t exchange with lots of friends. We do participate in a few exchanges here and there. I prefer to only get things for people when it can be something truly meaningful. I find that most people agree with this and are happy to simplify their giving as well!


You don’t have to do photobooks if that isn’t something that appeals to you. The point of this tip is to keep it simple and meaningful.


Want to chat more about this idea? Leave a comment and let me know how you keep gifts simple and meaningful and how much you exchange with extended family and friends.

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  1. For several years, we gave the Grandmas photo coupons…..once a month, they could write a letter to our girls and enclose the coupon and I would make a photo collage of photos from the previous month and have it printed at Costco in the 12×12 size so when the new collage arrived, they could put the old one in a scrapbook.

    Double bonus…girls got mail and Grandma got pictures 🙂


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