5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #2

We are in the middle of a series on how to make Christmas better. How to enjoy it rather than feel stressed and burdened by it. How to better focus on Christ and family.


Yesterday we discussed getting your shopping done before Thanksgiving. If you haven’t read that one go do that first!


Today you get my second tip:


Limit gifts for your kids to three presents each.




My kids get three presents and small stocking stuffers.


This goes hand-in-hand with number one. My kids do not get tons of gifts, nor do I stand in line and fight for this year’s hottest toy. Luckily, we don’t watch much TV so they don’t even really know what that toy is! We do the three present rule: Jesus got three presents so they don’t need to get any more than that. This keeps the shopping and planning manageable.


We also don’t “do” Santa Clause. We do stocking stuffers in observation of the history of Saint Nicolas, sometimes we do the stockings on St Nicolas day (Dec. 6th) but other times we just do them on Christmas. Let me make this clear, these are small, simple stocking stuffers. Most of the time, they fit IN the actual stocking. Even if they don’t fit in the stocking they are far from the biggest gift. Quite frankly, if I’m going to the trouble to plan and buy awesome gifts I’m not giving the credit away to some make believe fat man!! (My kids also know the stocking stuffers are from us.) Stockings usually include candy, an orange, and a small toy, book, or movie. Sometimes they include fuzzy socks, slippers or some similar small accessory.


Of course they also have gifts from their grandparents and we get them a new outfit for the Christmas service at church but we really try to keep the number of presents under control. This means less stress on our time and wallet and more focus on Christ’s birth.


Want to chat more about this idea? Leave a comment and let me know how how you manage Christmas gifts for your kids. 

See the periscope replay below of my live discussion of this tip!


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